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The Reunion (A JADE/JAEVON fanfic) by acheena 21

(Disclaimer: Lahat ng sitwasyon dito ay kathang isip lamang at hindi binabase sa aktwal na pangyayari. Sa mga hindi nakakaintindi, kung wala rin lang kayong masabing matino, huwag nalang magbasa. Ito'y bunga lang ng impluwensya ng kahiligan ng may-akda sa pagbabasa ng sariling atin na mga nobela)

To my #1 fan who got me started in reading sariling atin novels... my siste Kathryn... Syobe, this is dedicated to you!

Kristine Series and Martha Cecilia kept me started in reading and writing tagalog novels (that I write only in my mind) and when I was not inspired enough to continue writing…

Kristine Series and Martha Cecilia ignited the fire to bring me back on track.

To my Jaevon/Jade/Gemster friends, this fanfic is dedicated to all of you. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to showcase my passion in writing and bringing out the imagination that I thought would only be limited to my mind. And for reading and liking my FanFic… I’m deeply honored.

****Credits to the owners of the photos used****

Written By: Athena Y. Manzano


Chapter 1:

8 years after the big night…

Excerpts from the video message by Ryan to all the PBB 2010 Teenclash housemates:

Ryan: Hey Housemates! Chuvachuchu! Hey, I have something to ter you! I’m lily excitered! Lily! Ahhh, me and Jinny… lily… ahhh Evelybody should come! I want evelybody to come home and come hele. We wir have a palty! Lily! Oh! I armost forgot… lily! Me and Jinny, my gawd… we getting marrid! Come evelybody ok! (Then came Jenny in the video message and both made the chuvachuchu sign.)

The video message continues with Ryan and Jenny telling everyone on the details of the wedding and who are part of the entourage.

James can’t help but smile when he saw the video message and yes when both Jenny and Ryan made the Chuvachuchu sign, he can’t stop himself from doing it too. He wondered if the rest of the housemate did the same thing. Ahhhh it brings back memories.

His experienced in the PBB house never ceased to make him smile especially on the latter part of their stay. He misses all of his housemates especially the big 6 and most especially someone who’s closest to his heart. His Devon . But is she still his Devon ? Is he still the JA of Jade or it’s now Jack?

James reviewed the most guarded folder of his laptop and it is labeled GV (Good Vibes, and he takes credit to the JADE/JAEVON fans for this word, who are very active in updating the PEX thread). Although it made him smile sometimes when he reads the entries on JADE Noon at JADE Ngayon but at times also it made him furious especially if he sees photos of JADE Ngayon.

He is JADE Noon and Jack is JADE Ngayon. The fans are constantly comparing them. If given a choice, he would have wanted to be Devon ’s screen partner but it was management’s decision to pair him with Ann Li since their followers are quite aggressive especially in supporting their loveteam. And for their loveteam to flourish, management decided to keep him and Devon far from each other and developed the JADE (Jack-Devon) tandem.

He wanted to make a protest before but his manager talked him through it and advised him to go with the flow and let management do what they want so that he can get the exposure he needed.

Not that he doesn’t like working with Ann, in fairness to her, she’s a good screen partner. Her acting is improving and thanks to the many workshops given by ABS. His tagalong skills are getting better each day as well. He’s growing with her in terms of career but then again he missed working and being with someone who never fails to make him smile by just the thought of her.

James started browsing thru the youtubes MV and scenes of him and Devon that he saved in his well guarded folder. He does this often if he misses her. They haven’t been communicating for quite sometime due to Management’s order and both decided to concentrate on their careers.

Actually it was Devon who decided that because she needs it for her family and her manager advised her to stay away from James because the fans of JAMLI are bashing and attacking Devon below the belt.

He felt sad and sorry for how the JAMLI fans are treating Devon . If only they knew what a nice girl she is. At one point, he had a heated argument with some of the JAMLI fans who are constant bashers of Devon and he told them that if they won’t stop what their doing, he’s no longer making an appearance in all JAMLI activities. James sigh… some sacrifices has to be made. A big sacrifice that until now he’s the one who’s suffering!

His reminiscing was cut when he heard his phone beep. 5 text messages.

Bret: Hey Dude, where are you? Coming home soon? I’ve seen the video message of Ryan! This is crazy! Come home! Hahaha…. Text back asap!

Ann: James, where are you? I’ve been texting you but you’re not answering. I’m worried.

Sis: Bro, don’t forget to take out the trash before you leave. And don’t forget to eat! Luv yah!

Ryan: (voice mail) Jems, you have to come home. Want me fetch you? Lily! I lily lily need you here? Oke?

Manager: James, you need to end your vacation fast. Management has something new coming up. It will be in connection with Ryan and Jenny’s wedding. I have booked you a flight 2 days from now. You have to be back in the Philippines in time for the story conference for the new show. Some of your ex-housemates will be part of the show. Call me.

James made a sly smile. Deep inside him, he’s really excited. Will Devon be part of the show? If it’s gonna be a reality show then it’s his time to claim back what was his from the start. James started answering the text messages he received.

Chapter 2:

Story conference with the producers and writers of PBB.

Some of the housemates were there already. Ivan was first to come then came Tricia with Fretzie and Bret. Patrick, Yen, Joe, April and the other housemates were there. Not all were included since some of them transferred to the rival network already and have signed exclusive contract. Then came James and Ann. The room was filled with laughter and kumustahan. James was busy looking around and looking for someone he wanted or desperately wanted to see.

Bret: Hey Dude, looking for someone in particular?

James: What? Yeah, where’s the soon-to-be wed?

Bret: And?

James: And what? (gets a little annoyed)

Bret: Whoa! Cool lang! Come on, admit it. You’re looking for her.

James: So?

Bret: Dude, don’t worry, she’s coming. She’s just late. She texted me that she’s on her way here. Got stucked in traffic. She came from Batangas pa.

James: Ayt. Is she with….

Before he could even finished his sentence, the soon-to-be wed came. Ryan brought the house down with his usually funny antics. Everyone in the room are all chanting the chuvachuchu...

Again please! Sama ako! (A shout coming from the door)

Fretzie, Bret, Tricia and Ivan went rushing to the door to welcome Devon and the rest followed. It was like a slow motion for James to see Devon walking and hugging his ex-housemates. She’s still her old self. Pretty, bubbly and lovable. He wanted to go there and hug her.

He started approaching towards her but suddenly stopped and gazed at Devon left hand… she’s holding somebody’s hand and he looked up… Damn! It’s Jack! And it breaks his heart to see them both very happy.

James said to himself… Dude, bring-out the best actor mode! Bring it on! Acting makes it work! He composed himself and joined the group for another round of chuvachuchu and the group hug.

And suddenly everything frozed! Both their eyes meet….

Chapter 3:
Devon frozed too! Oh my gawd! Kagwapo gihapon niya oi! Devon ! Devon ! Devon ! Compose yourself. Hold on tight kay Jack!

Jack: Ouch! MM!!! Ang lakas mo talaga!

James can’t help it but his ears went red and his eyebrows raised to the nth level. MM? Why is Jack calling her MM? MM is for DD and who is Jack? JJ? WTF!!!!!!

Devon: Ay sori naman. Naeexcite lang ako to see everyone. This does not happen all the time. (Sabay pa sweet kay Jack, but still gets a glimpse of James)

Sa loob-loob ni Devon , oh my God! What have I done. That was so close ah! Whew! Buti na lang medyo manhid tong isa. Whew. Devon, Devon … go back to earth! Now na!

She noticed that James ears turned red and just as she was about to say hi to him…. came Ann Li from James back. She just finished the phone call she was taking when Devon and Jack arrived.

Ann Li: Devon !!!! Jack!!! (She excitedly hugged both of them. One big hug!)

Jack: Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ann Li!!! You get too excited girl! (Namula din si Jack kasi his ear was pressed at Devon ’s head)

Ann Li: Sorry! Sorry! Hehehe…. Hey James, what’s wrong? Why are you ears red? Are you ok? (She reached out to touch James ears but James brushed off her hand)

James: It’s nothing. Maybe it’s something that I ate.

Ann Li looked so worried and tried reaching out to check on James’ ears but James still did the same thing. He doesn’t want to be touched. Ann Li became worried and tried checking on James again. Devon on the other hand knew why it happened. It happens if James gets angry. She let out a cute smile to James.

James: I said I’m ok! Enough already! Hey Devon and Jack, nice to see you two here. How are you guys doin?

Jack: We’re good Dude. (Jack and Ann Li’s phones rang) Excuse us.

That leaves Devon and James alone. Without a word, both just flashed their usual smile and are back to each others arms in a very tight hug!

James: Somebody’s calling you MM ah (the sound of his voice was sad)

Devon let go of James’ hug but James didn’t let go of her completely. They were talking face to face just like old times.

Devon: Maybe someone’s calling you DD as well.

They both laughed at their statements and give one big tight hug again and this time, Devon finally raised her legs like she used to do at the PBB House and James in return swirl her around. And then came Bret…

Bret: Ehem, I think I’ve seen this before. What was that again? The F word… Forever!

Devon let go of James and give a big slap on Bret’s arm! And gave him a bear hug!

Bret: Aray kasakit gyud! You’re still you! But I’m glad I’ve seen it again! Hahahaha!

Fretzie: BFF!!!!! I missed you so much!!! (And the BFFs hugged each other tightly)

Ivan came rushing and without a word hugged the girls. Bret and James were looking at each other and nodded and joined the big hug!

Ryan: Hey! Whatchadoin huh? Hugging each other with out me! I am hart! Why not include me! I am also your friend right?

But Ryan was not angry but was laughing so hard and he came rushing to group and hug them all. The 2 girls are sandwiched by the 4 boys and they were drawing attention to the rest of the housemates who rushed to them and joined the hug!

Jenny: Hey, why me hugging outside! I want to be inside like Devon and Fritzie! Excuse me! Excuse me! Lyan, you big mammal, get out of my way! I want to be inside also!

Ryan: No! You stay outside… Come on, now you… you hug me from my butt! Hahahaha!

Everyone was laughing and cameras were flashing non-stop. And since Jenny was positioned with the 2 girls in the center, Devon was by coincidence position at the front of James and James took the opportunity to hug her from the back and he whispered something to her ear…

James: I miss you Baby….. (that’s how James secretly calls Devon if they’re alone)

Devon went still and smiled. And to confirm that the feeling is mutual, Devon leaned to her side to give James access to her long neck that James loves to smell (their secret lambingan and intimate gestures).

The sweet gestures didn’t escape Bret’s radar. He whispered, that’s 3 points and counting! Hahaha!

And that’s when Ann Li and Jack went back to the meeting room after the phone call and hugged the group as well.

Ryan: Oke, oke! Enough already. Jinny, you’re hugging my butt too tightly! Stop! Oh! Stop! You’re killing me! (And Jenny slaps and pinch Ryan all over!)

Ryan: Oke! Oke! Guys, let’s do a big chupachuchu! Leady! Lily! Leady! Go! Chupachuchu! Chupachuchu!!!!! (And everyone is chanting the signature Chuvachuchu!)

ABS Management: Ok Housemates, settle down now. Let’s start our meeting.

And James made one quick back hug to Devon before dispersing in the area where they are standing. Devon smiled and proceeded to sit next to Fretzie and Jack. While James sits next to Bret and Ann Li to his right.

Chapter 4:

It was decided that a PBB Special will be done to highlight the wedding of Ryan and Jenny. All the present housemates will be doing the planning and the team to handle the logistics. Everyone will be staying at the PBB house and thru out the course of the planning, the cameras will again be rolling. The housemates will still be following the house rules of Kuya but with some adjustments. The tasks that they will be completing are the actual deliverables of the wedding. The wedding will take place in Boracay. All the wedding details were discussed and everyone was given their respective assignments. Halfway thru the discussion, someone opened the door and flashed a big big smile…

It’s Cahsen!!!!

Joe: You made it pal!

Cahsen: Traffic! And I had another meeting prior. (Cahsen is working in an IT company and will have to take a leave of absence to join the special coverage. So as some of the former housemates).

Yong: Iba na talaga ang big time! (And everyone end up laughing!)

And the story conference continues. All throughout the discussion, two individual who are 2 seats apart are not 100% concentrating on the meeting. Secret glances were exchanged. Some secret hand signs were made. Just like how they use to do it when they were secretly keeping their relationship from the public eye.

James covers his mouth with his left hand, which means I miss you.

Devon touch the back of her neck means I miss you too.

James raised his leg up to stretch means I wanna hug you

Devon touched her nose signifies I wanna hug you too

There were other hand gestures and as James was about to put his hand under his chin which means I love you but was stopped by Ann before he could do it. And got James’ hand and hold it.

Devon that same time was feeling uneasy because she knows that she’s threading a difficult situation. She forgot completely and got carried away. She made a promised to herself already to let go. She thought she’s over it but she guessed not. Coming back to her senses, she composed herself and stopped taking simple glimpses to James.

Jack: Are you alright? (Touching Devon ’s trembling hands) Why are your hands trembling?

Devon: I’m alright. It’s cold kasi. Lamig lamig. ( Devon was making excuses and she even pretended that it’s really cold).

Jack wasted no time and put his left arm on Devon ’s shoulder drawn her near him to give body heat so that she will feel alright.

James’ ears become red again and he can’t take it anymore and abruptly stood up and decided to go to the comfort room. Ann who was leaning at James’ shoulder was caught off guard. After James apologizes, he hurriedly went to the comfort room to calm himself.

Devon frozed again but refused to follow James. It’s not right. I should know my place. She tried to concentrate on the story conference but half her mind is still occupied with what could have happened to James now especially when she saw how red his ears were.

Bret knew something’s wrong with his best bud. He excused himself to Fretzie to follow James.

Bret: Bun, adtuon lang nako James ha.

Fretzie: Ha? Naunsa diay?

Bret: I’ll explain later but naay biktima gyud sa gugmang giatay (Interpretation: May nabiktima sa hinayupak na pag-ibig).

Fretzie nodded and pa simple na tiningnan si Devon . Only the 3 of them knew the real score. Bret, Fretz and ofcourse Ivan. Ivan was doing the same thing as well. Devon knew that her two friends are aware of what’s happening made a hand gesture saying, I’m alright guys.

Chapter 5:

Bret caught James in the comfort room. James was looking down at the sink and was breathing heavily and didn’t even notice that Bret was coming.

Bret: Dude, are you alright?

James looked up and his eyes were red. Bret knew that his friend was trying to control his tears from falling and his friend surely failed 100%.

Bret: Dude…

James: Why can’t we be ourselves? I can’t take this anymore.

Bret: Hey calm down. Just go with the flow. Have you talked to your manager already? I thought you’re gonna discuss with him on what you want?

James: Damn! I tried! But he said it’s not yet the right time. Especially now! My gawd! I felt so suffocated already. It’s not fair to Ann. I simply cannot reciprocate what she’s giving me.

Bret: Dude calm down. Please be logical. It’s not just you who will be affected by all these but so as Devon .

James: Sh**, I thought that 2 months vacation will stop this all but damn it didn’t.

Bret: Sige na, calm yourself na. We need to go back there and finish this all. Who knows, remember we are all going back to the house. Maybe this is your chance.

James can only sigh. He calmed himself and the best buds went back to the meeting room.

Before going back to the room, James stopped Bret.

James: Thank a lot Dude. (Sabay tapik sa balikat ni Bret)

Bret: Anytime bro.

Both went back to their seats. Devon could sense that something went wrong but had to stopd herself from asking for it will just worsen the situation. She composed herself and sat back straight but still managed to get simple glimpses to James.

Ann again was worried of James.

Ann: James, are you ok? I saw your ears turned red again. You want me to take you to the doctor?

James: I’m ok. Don’t worry about me.

Ann: But your ears are red and your eyes too. Maybe you’re having allergies. Let’s go to the hospital now. Please. (Ann is really trying so hard to convince James to see a doctor.)

James: I said I’m fine. Stop it! (Tinabig ang kamay ni Ann at tumaas na ang boses ni James. Nabigla si Ann at natigilan.)

This is the first time that James raised his voice. She’s accustomed to his mood swings but this is way beyond the usual. She noticed that things are different after his vacation to Australia . She knew something was wrong… something went wrong.

Chapter 6

Ann went numb! She sat straight and faced front. She’s holding her tears from falling. She sniffed to control it from falling. Look up! Sniff!

James noticed Ann and realized what he just did.

James: Hey, I’m sorry. I’m just tired and haven’t got a good sleep. I’m so sorry.

Ann can’t utter a word so she just nodded and pretended to concentrate on the meeting. James took Ann’s hand and gripped it tightly. It’s his way of telling Ann he was sorry. Ann leaned on James’ shoulder.

And someone who’s seated a few seats away witnessed it all. It breaks her heart to see how Ann was brushed off yet it also breaks her heart to witness the reconciliation. But she has to compose herself and pretend again that she’s not part of James’ dilemma.

Fretzie: Bun, ok ra si James?

Bret: Di gyud!

Fretzie: Hala oi. Is there anything we can help?

Bret: Just let them be. They’ll find ways to fix this.

Fretzie received a text message.

Ivan: F, is James alright?

Fretzie: Sabi Bun ko di daw.

Ivan: Anything we can help?

Fretzie: Pabayaan lang daw.

Ivan: Ok. Hey, were you guys heading later?

Fretzie turned to Bret. Bun, where are we going later? Ivan is asking.

Bret: I’m sure we will have dinner with the gang later. Let’s wait what the others will say.

Fretzie: I, discuss tayo with housemates later after the meeting.

PBB Writer: Guys, saan kaya maganda mag pre-nuptial pictorial for Ryan and Jenny.

Everyone was trying to make a suggestion and then out of the blue, Cahsen shouted… TAGAYTAY!

All housemates and even the handlers were shouting in unison….NO WAY!

Cahsen: Why? I have a house there that we can use. It’s in Tagaytay Highlands. Com’mon you guys…

Joe: Ha! Di bale na Bro. Di bale na!

Cahsen is still clueless on the reason why Tagaytay is not an option.

Cahsen: But I don’t get it!

Eslove: Pare, no Tagaytay! Bad tsismis! Die! Patay! Bad! Beri bad!

Everyone end up laughing and remembered the incident when a bad news got everyone worried since several of the big 6 were reported to have met an accident on their way to Tagaytay allegedly and some of them died apparently. Napa sign of the cross ang mga housemates especially those who were involved so to speak! It was a nice way to end the 1st meeting for the new project.

Chapter 7:

The whole team was treated with a sumptuous dinner after the meeting. And that was when the love story of Ryan and Jenny was discussed.

Joe: Ryan, so what happened? I thought you said you don’t like Jenny?

Ryan: Lily I don’t rike hir (Jenny made her usual expression) but she raped me! Hahahaha!

Jenny: Excuse Mr. Bang! Who went to Korea to follow me huh? One day you just came knocking at my door! And you know what he said to my Mom when he sees her… go tell them Ryan. I’m challenging you!

Ryan: hahahaha…. I tord your Mama, Auntie, can you feed me. I kem pram the Piripins and I’m so hungry! Hahahaha

Jenny: See! His mukha talaga is makapal!

Ryan: Ei! You’re lily lily bad ah! I will terr your Mama that you are lily a bad gir!

Jenny didn’t say a word but began hitting and pinching Ryan!

Ryan: Help! Help! Mama Kim! Help me!

Everyone end up laughing on the antics of the soon-to-wed couple.

A few years after the PBB Teen Clash, Jenny had to go back to Korea since their family business is doing well and it was a family decision so it leaves her no choice. By coincidence, Ryan went to Korea also to visit his father. And one faithful day, both went to the famous park in Seoul Korea and both had a great time. That unexpected meeting led to another. They introduced each other to their respective families. The friendship didn’t stop there. It went to the next level.

When everyone was so enticed with the love story of Ryan and Jenny, someone was busy tinkering with his cellphone and has been very quite after the meeting.

1 message received.

From DD: ?

Devon directed her gaze towards the sender but he’s just looking down at his cellphone.

From MM: ??

DD: Can we talk?

MM: Why?

DD: Because….

MM: How????

DD: Please….

Jack noticed that Devon is busy texting and got quite.

Jack: Are you alright?

Devon: Huh?

Jack: I asked you if you’re alright?

Devon: Ha? Oo naman. Bakit mo natanong?

Jack: You seemed to be worried. Who are you texting with?

Devon has to make some white lies to cover things…

DD: Please…..

Devon to Jack: Ah wala. Si Mama lang. She’s asking if when I’m visiting them in Cebu .

Jack: Ah ok. Hey, I have to go on a business trip soon. It will be before the wedding. Want to come with me?

Devon: Nge! Naman! You know that I can’t. I will play a big part of the wedding di ba?

Jack: Yeah yeah I know. I’m just trying my luck. I’m gonna miss you.

Devon didn’t answer. She just smiled. Inulit ni Jack yung sinabi and this time in a louder voice. Timing naman that it happened when there was a short silence in the room.

Joe: Aha! Dev, I’m gonna miss you daw sabi ni Jack! (Inulit ni Joe yung pagkakasabi)

Everyone reacted and nakiki I’m gonna miss you to Devon . All eyes were on Devon and all she could do is smile. Nangungulit na si Joe and Ryan and they were re-enacting what Jack said to Devon . Since everyone is so engrossed with teasing Devon and Jack, no one noticed James na dumidilim na ang expression ng mukha. Ann even joined the teasing so she’s not aware of what’s happening to James.

DD: Baby please…. (this message was sent 10 times)

Ann: Hey Devs, aren’t you going to tell Jack you’ll miss him too?

Ryan: Debon, you tel Jack, (facing to Joe) AhI’ll mhiss yhu thoo! (And sabay yakap kay Joe)

Tawanan ang lahat including Devon .

Jenny: Ryan, eeewwww you’re gross! I think I’m having second thoughts now.

Ryan: Oh my gawd! Lily Jenny Kim! You cannot not marry me because you rafe me! Lily!

Kulitan na naman yung dalawa. But no answer from Devon yet. She just smiled at hinampas si Jack!

Devon: Papa Bear ha! Lagot ka sa akin mamaya. (Turning to Joe)

Bret saw James’ reaction.

Bret: Dude, u alright?

James: NO!

Bret: Not here please. No scene. Proper time and proper place… remember.

James: Ayt!

Joe: Guys, tuloy na natin to videoke at inuman!

The ex-housemates discussed where to transfer and decided that they will transfer to Ivan’s condo in Wackwack, Mandaluyong.

And naka huling hirit pa si Cahsen. Tagaytay na tayo! And nagchorus lahat ng NO WAY!

Chapter 8

1 message received…

DD: Can we?

MM: I don’t know. Ang gulo eh..

DD: Please….

MM: Bahala na…

Ann: James, are you ok?

James: Huh? Yeah. Why?

Ann: You’ve been so quite the entire time.

James: Am I? I’m just tired. By the way, I’ll just take you to Ivan’s place and I’m heading home after.

Ann: I’ll go with you na lang. I won’t go with them.

James: No, just go with them. I just want to catch up with my sleep.

Ann: But I want to be with you James.

James: (Huminga ng malalim) I’m really really tired today. Please understand.

Ann went numbed again. Her instinct is telling her that something is really wrong. She knows that she’s been trying to make the “relationship” work but she knows that she’s just hanging by a thread before everything will go down the drain. She’s confused. She wants to confront him but for what reason? Will he even be honest enough to tell her the truth? What is really the truth? What is wrong? What went wrong? She wanted to cry but she just can’t. She needs to talk to someone. Someone who can give her the right answer. But who?

When they reached the venue and Ann tried to convince James to come up and stay for a while. Her reason is that its rare that there’s a get together like this. James was convinced and gave in to Ann’s request. He realized that he’s acting like a brat on this matter.

The other housemates were there already. Joe is the videoke master and he selects the song to sing and the singers to sing it. No one can say no! Drinks were everywhere. Ann went to look for Jenny. She terribly needs someone to talk to. She terribly needs a drink to bring back her insanity.

James’ eyes became busy looking for that familiar figure. She’s not here. Damn! I should have not come here if she’s not here. Still searching… and the search went on…

James: Dude, wru? Where’s D?

Bret: Hey Bro. Bun and I are almost there. Devon is there already. She went with Ivan. Jack has to leave. Emergency at home. You there na?

James: Yup. Can’t find her.

Bret: Really? Go look for Ivan. She was with him when we left.

James: Ayt. Tnx.

James went to the bar to get a drink. And napatingin cya sa may balcony and saw two familiar figures standing close to each other. They seemed to be discussing something really serious based on the look of their faces. It’s Ivan and Devon .

James: (silently saying) Gosh! Jack is not here but here comes Ivan! Too many obstacles.

As he was about to approach them, Joe called him to sing.

Joe: The next song is for James and Ann. Lucky I’m Love. Hey James, come here!

James waved his hand to beg off but Joe reminded him that no one can say to the Master Showman (acting like Kuya Germs)

James got no choice but to go with the flow.

Chapter 9:

Ivan and Devon on the other hand heard what Joe said at napalingun na din sila.

Prior to that….

Jack (just finished talking on the phone): MM, I’m so sorry. I can’t go with you to Ivan’s place. Emergency! Need to fly to Hong Kong tomorrow morning.

Devon: It’s ok. I’ll just go with Fretz and Bret.

Jack: I’ll take you to Ivan’s and alis na din ako agad.

Devon: No need na. I can manage.

Ivan heard the conversation of Jack and Devon .

Ivan: Hey Deevan, you can ride with me. Tricia’s not going me. She’s going to see Robi first then they’ll both go there together na later.

Jack: You sure Pare ok lang?

Ivan: Ofcourse. I’ll take care of her. Don’t worry.

Devon received the last message from James while she was with Ivan in his car heading to Ivan’s condo in Wackwack.

DD: Please…

MM: Bahala na…

Ivan: Hey kiddo, watzup with you?

Devon: Huh? Still the same me! Pretty pa din! Pangit ka if you don’t agree (sabay bungisngis kay Ivan).

Ivan has always been Devon ’s protector and savior. He’s always there to catch her when she’s falling by the brink. He always has good words to share and wide arms to comfort her. He’s simply just there when she needed him. At one point in her life, she wished that sana si Ivan na lang… kay Ivan na lang…. kaso Ivan means Kuya Ivan… sana nga lang….

Ivan: Hey! (Ivan snapped his fingers) Day dreaming again?

At instinct, Devon gave her signature slap to Ivan.

Ivan: Ouch! Ansakit naman (in a slang way of saying it and giving his cutest smile to Devon )

Devon: You kasi. You’re teasing me lagi.

Ivan: Khasi nga you’re day dreaming again. (sabay haplos sa tinamaang braso) But you slap like a man pa rin! Ang lhakhas lhakhas moh!

Devon: Ah ganun! You want more? I’ll give you more! (attempting to slap Ivan again)

Ivan: Hey! Hey! I’m driving! Behave! Stop! Stop! Ouch! Ahhhraay!!!!

Both were laughing their hearts out and enjoying each other’s company. And Ivan suddenly turned serious.

Ivan: Hey, I saw what happened in the meeting. Am I seeing what I’m seeing really?

Devon became silent.

Ivan: And my guessed is right! Aren’t we over this yet Kiddo? (Nakasanayan na siyang tawagin ni Ivan ng Kiddo because she always call him Kuya Ayvan)

Devon kept mum. Nakatungo lang and iniiwasan ang tingin ni Ivan.

Ivan: What about Jack? Tell me, what’s the real score between you and Jack?

Devon still didn’t move a bit. She stayed in the same position. Ivan tried to raise her face but umiwas si Devon . Ivan became persistent. Good thing it was a red light so Ivan was able to lift Devon ’s face. He saw that tears are starting to flow. Without a word, Ivan released his seatbelt and gave Devon a tight hug. Devon can’t help but cried more.

Ivan: Hush now Kiddo. (Comforting Devon )

Devon: (in between sob and sniff) Sorry… I think I got carried away kanina. Gosh. I said I’m over him but just one hug and my barricades are gone. I’m sorry… I tried to be strong and I tried resisting it but I completely forgot about it. I’m not really over him yet. Oh my God.

Ivan: (Continued driving but his right hand is holding Devon ’s hands to comfort her) It’s ok Kiddo. It’ll take time. The important thing is your happiness.

Devon: I know. (Turned to Ivan) Thank you. (Gave him a peck on the cheek and a big hug) I don’t know what will happened to me if wala you, Fretz and Bret. You guys helped me a lot!

Ivan: Ofcourse! What are friends for. Hey I think you forgot to thank someone… Jack! Oh Jack! What’s with you and Jack? I know he likes you. Are you guys an item now? He acts as if he’s your boyfriend. Is he?

Devon: Hahaha…. Oo nga. I should thank Jack too.

Ivan: Ay you didn’t answer my question yet.

Devon: Ok ok… Jack and I are….

Ivan: Are what?

Devon: Are friends… I must admit that we became an item for a while. Maybe a month or 2 but it didn’t work din eh. Mahirap diktahan ang puso. Actually we settled everything na yesterday. I think that was one of the reasons why he’s not joining us in this project. He’s going to Hong Kong …

Ivan: If so, what was he doing there kanina?

Devon: Actually dapat hatid lang nya ako. But for some reason, he stayed. Ewan ko din dun, at instinct yata when he saw James, he suddenly grabbed my hand. Honestly, I was not aware of it nga. I was so overwhelmed seeing everyone. ( Devon said with a cute smile).

Ivan: Hmmmnnnn so Jack is an actor after all! And all those sweetness and that I’ll miss you…. (Ivan let out a big laugh at tuluyang napahagikhik na rin si Devon ) And to think that someone really was about to create a scene kanina!

Devon: Secret lang to ha, pero the reason why Jack is going to Hong Kong is to meet the girl his Dad wants him to marry.

Ivan: Whaatttt????? (And napuno na naman ng tawanan ang paligid)

They reached Ivan’s condo and helped each other in setting the place ready for the gang to come and in a few minutes, the ex-housemates were starting to arrive.

When Joe was there, he took the liberty of entertaining everyone in the room. Videoke session started and drinks started to pour.

Ivan led Devon to the balcony to continue their conversation. They were standing side by side and looking at the site of the golf course right in front of them.

Devon: Hmmmnnnn ang sarap dito. You can see everything from up here. Di ka ba natatakot dito? You’re in the 22nd floor. Nakakalula sa taas!

Ivan: It’s nice here. Especially during early mornings when you can witness the sunrise. It’s so refreshing. You have to see it… huwag kaya ikaw umuwi today so that you can see it. (Ivan said mischievously)

Devon: Kuya ha! You’re a bad cheetah!

Ivan: What? I’m not gonna do anything to you! Believe me Kiddo! It’s nice here… Freshly brewed coffee, the sunrise and well bonus na if you’re here with me and extra bonus if I can hug you in the morning sun…

Devon: Ay Ser, nananaginip ka ng gising! Kulang lang sa alak yan! (Sabay hampas ulit kay Ivan)

Ivan: No really…. We should try it…maybe…

Devon: Maybe what?

Ivan: Maybe….

And that’s when they heard Joe’s voice calling James to sing with Ann. Sabay sila napalingon.

Chapter 10:

And James and started to sing.

Do you hear me,
I’m talking to you
Across the water across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky oh my, baby I’m trying

Ivan: Halika, let’s go inside so that we can join them. (Sabay hila kay Devon )

I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again

James saw Ivan and Devon approaching the crowd. He wanted stop singing and get Devon out of the place so that they can talk but he knows that too melodramatic.

About that time that Bret and Fretz arrived holding hands. They have maintained the good relationship since they went out of PBB. Bret is active in the music scene while Fretzie is on the dancing and acting side. But they’re both part of the Sunday show and would often travel together for the shows abroad.

Fretzie: Bun, wait. Look! (Pointing to JamLi and DeVan)

Bret: Hala bitaw sa. Patay! Look at J’s reaction. Awkward moment! (Let out a big laugh)

Fretzie: Bun! Bun! Look at what Ivan is doing!

Bret: WTF! Buang gyud ni Ivan da! Why is he putting his arms around Dev! Oh boy, I think our friend James really has to enroll in anger management! (LOL)

They don’t know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I’ll wait for you I promise you, I will

I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again

Ivan: (His arms around Devon ’s shoulder) Hey Kiddo, that song’s for you.

Devon: Really? But that’s a certified JamLi song.

Ivan: Not from him but that’s from me…

Devon: What????

Ivan: Seriously!

Devon: Buang ka man!

Ivan: Whatever is that but it’s true. (This time Ivan led Devon back to the balcony)

I’m lucky we’re in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

And so I’m sailing through the sea
To an island where we’ll meet
You’ll hear the music, feel the air
I’ll put a flower in your hair

Though the breezes through trees
Move so pretty you’re all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now

Devon: You’re really crazy! Be serious.

Ivan: I am! I’m not kidding. I like you kid! I like you a lot actually. Maybe at one point, I’m in love with you. But I know my place and I know you love him so I let you go.

Devon became dumbfound and can’t say anything at all.

I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I’m lucky we’re in love in every way

Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed

Ivan: You don’t have to say anything. Just remember this, if this time around, he still can’t keep you happy then I’m keeping you and I’ll brand you MINE.

Lucky to be coming home someday…..

as the song faded…

Two individuals in the balcony hugged tightly…

Two burning eyes are witnessing the DeVan moment…

And two bunnies’ jaws dropped!

Chapter 11:

Joe: Guys! Palakpakan kay James and Ann Li!!!! At ito na ang magbunnies...Bret and Fretzie!!!!

After singing the song, Ann Li hugged James but James attention was elsewhere. He cared less and singbilis pa sa alas kwartro lumihis. He went straight to the bar and pour himself a drink. Bottoms up!

At the back of his mind... Damn! What the hell is this? And only to realized that natungga nya isang shot ng tequila with no salt and lemon. The bunnies are fast to cover the scene. Bret went straight to James, Fretzie hugged Ann Li as if she misses her so much and joined the other housemates. Ryan was quick to save the scene by getting the microphone from Joe and began doing his stand-up comedy. His favorite subject? Jenny!

Ryan: Ei Jinny! Come hir! Pssst! Ei Jinny! (But Jenny didn’t stand up from her seat) Ei, ei! You def? Ei, husband is talking to you! Lily! Oh my gas! Why you not listen ha? Ei! Ei! Jinny! My Jinny! Jinny with a big nose! Jinny!!!!!!!

Tumayo si Jinny at pinagpapalo si Ryan!

Ryan: Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Stop! In the name of love! Before you break my... butt! (Tuloy ang kulitan)

Joe: Okay Ryan, it’s your turn! Ei! Jinny! Listen.... lily lily listen... like oh my gawd! Ryan, you’re so gay! Gay is happy!

Ryan: (Singing Nothing On You) Byutipul Gir, or ovur d wurd.... And everyone sing and dance with Lyan!

Ivan and Devon joined the group and danced with them but James still stayed at the bar and looking intensely at Devon and Ivan.

Ann on the other side of the room was looking at James and was on the verge tears of what she witnessed. She knew it! He’s not over her! It breaks her heart! She thought that after the talked with ABS and the vacation, he’ll come to his senses but it’s not happening. This can’t be happening... again! She excused herself and went to the comfort room.... Jenny saw it and followed Ann. They went to the fire exit instead.

Bret: Hey! Easy! (And took the shot glass away from James) Hey Buddy! What’s wrong with you?

James just looked at Bret for a while and tried reaching for the tequila again.

Bret: Enough! Look, Ivan and Devon are not an item. They’re like siblings. Ivan the big brother and the protector and Devon the little sister.

James is still not convinced.

Bret: Dude, believe me... Ivan was there when Devon was “mourning of your love”... remember when you let her go. But you see, Ivan was a big brother. And who did Devon end up with? Jack! Hey! (Bret snapped his finger to get James’ attention) snap out of it!

James: And where’s the a**hole Jack? Why is he not here?

Bret: Do you really want me to answer that? Aren’t you glad he’s not here with Devon ? Com’mon man be rational! Don’t be such a spoilsport! Have fun! Enjoy the company of our friends. This does not happen all the time.... please

James smiled and stood up. Made the hand routine with Bret and just in time that the Friends theme song was played and Tricia and Robi arrived. James and Bret joined the gang in singing and dancing.

Bret: You’re such a drama queen!

James: Shut-up!

And James started to smile and when he looked to the right side, Devon was looking at him and flashed him her pearly white smile.

Chapter 12:

Joe: Thank you guys! Galing-galing... ang susunod na song ay... teka... ayan! PYRAMID! Well, may iba pa bang dapat kumanta nito but ang original na JADE!!!! James and Devon !!!

James is back to his old self. Flashing the big smile that matches his doe eyes. Devon looked at Ivan and Ivan nodded his approval but made a not so obvious eye signal that says... HE BETTER MAKE YOU HAPPY OR ELSE.... To thank Ivan for his support, Devon blew a flying kiss to Ivan.

James was a little startled with what he sees but was quick to go back to his senses. He said to himself that what’s important is he has a chance to make things work. He’s not messing it up this time!

Devon: Hey! (Smiling)

James: Hey! Are you alright? (Said it with a wink)

Devon didn’t waste any time and gave James her signature slap!

James: Ouch! I miss that so much! You want more? I want more!

Devon: Crazy!!!!

James didn’t waste any time as well and hugged Devon tightly! Palakpakan ang mga dating housemates. Bret was mocking James in a Drama Queen (crying mode) gesture. James gave him the dirty sign but he’s smiling and still not letting go of Devon . Devon buried her face in James’ chest.

Joe: Oi oi oi, bati na sila pero kanta na! Ang drama nyo!

Ryan: Sing na Jems and Divong! Ei, anyone seen Jinny! Hey Jinny! Jinny! Where are you Jinny! Where is that crazi woman! She was here and now she’s not here! Haay! I’m starting to get lily crazi! Jinnnny!!!!!

Shawty's love is like a pyramid
We stand together till the very end
There'll never be another love for sure
James and Devon let we go.

Stones, heavy like the love you've shown
Solid as the ground we've known
And I just wanna carry on
We took it from the bottom up
And even in a desert storm
Sturdy as a rock we hold
Wishing every moment froze.

James: Now I just wanna let you know

Devon: Earthquakes can't shake us

James: Cyclones can't break us

Devon: Hurricanes can't take away our love.

James and Devon :
Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock
It feels just like it's heaven's touch
Together at the top (at the top baby),
Like a pyramid

And even when the wind is blowing
We'll never fall just keep on going
Forever we will stay, like a pyramid.

And the housemates sang along with the group and James is holding Devon ’s waist during the entire song.

Everyone seems to be having fun and even if Ryan is looking for Jenny but knowing Ryan, he just shrugged it off and knows that Jenny is alright and she can just be somewhere. And especially that the next song was the PBB TeenClash theme song… Justin B’s Baby! Everybody in the room danced their hearts away! The big 6 hugged and so as the rest of the housemates…

Chapter 13:

At the other side of the room… the exit…

The song playing on the background is Pyramid.

Ann Li took one stick from her bag and started lighting it. That’s their song! Gosh, I can’t bear to go back there and see them together again. A small drop of tear from Ann didn’t escape the eyes of Jenny who followed her.

Jenny: Ann, (holding Ann’s shoulder) please don’t lit your cigarette. You know bawal yan dito.

Ann was crying hard this time. She didn’t lit the cigarette but was still holding it with the lighter. Jenny hugged Ann and is trying to tell her that she’s there for her.

Ann: I’m so sorry. Go back inside. You need to be with them. (wiping her tears)

Jenny: I can’t leave you here. They’ll be fine without me. Ryan is there to be the clown.

That made Ann smile but in an instant, she’s crying again. She covered her face with her hand and cried.

Jenny: Ann, please stop crying na. What is wrong with you? Please tell me.

Ann: Jen, ang tanga tanga ko! I thought it’s really gonna work…. I thought our love team can save us. I thought there will still be us…

Jenny: It’s ok Ann. It’s ok.

Ann: No it’s not ok Jenny. Can’t you see? He wants her back! They all want her! Ivan wants her too. And di ba sila na ni Jack?

Jenny who knew the truth about Jack and Devon can only sigh. It wasn’t the right time to tell Ann about it. She might freak out more if she will know that Jack is set to marry someone really soon and that he and Devon are history.

Jenny: Ann, just calm down. Please. Talk to James about it.

Ann: I can’t! I don’t want to! Oh my God! I don’t want to know the truth. Sh**!

Jenny kept quite. She just let Ann deal with her own ordeals. Since Ann went out of PBB house, she has been telling Jenny about how she misses the attention James is giving her because he’s too preoccupied with Devon .

Even after the big night, she goes out with him and even if he said on national television that he’s closer to her but she felt that there’s something wrong. Why is he not showing the same body language if he’s with Devon . Why are their pictures more happy to look at. JamLi has more followers but are they just an item because of the fans?

Ann thought… I need to get out of here. I need to think. I need him to miss me. I hope my plans will work.

Ann: Jenny, I have to go. Just tell that I’m having an upset stomach. Basta bahala ka na.

Ann hurriedly gathered her things and headed to the elevator. Jenny followed her and was still trying to convince her to stay.

Jenny: Ann. Ann, please stay. I’ll call James. Or I’ll ask Ivan to take you home. Please.

Ann: No Jenny. I don’t want them to see me like this. Don’t bother. Someone’s fetching me now. He’s already on his way. (And her cellphone rang).

Ann: Whei? Ni chay na li? (Hello? Where are you?) Haw la. Sye sye ni. Babye (Good. Thank you. Bye). Jenny, bye. I’m going now. Thanks and pasensya na ok.

Jenny: Ann wait! Grrrrrr!!!!!

Jenny went back to the room and saw that everyone was having fun.

Ryan: Jinny! Ei crazy gur! Where ab you been? Living me hir all alon? Lily lily crazi!

Jenny: You’re the one who’s crazy! Hinatid ko si Ann.

Devon: Saan na si Ann Jen?

Jenny: She’s having upset stomach. (Turned to James) She went home na.

James: Ayt. I’ll text her then.

Ivan went near Devon .

Ivan: You ok Kiddo? (pat her head)

Devon: Yup! (Smiling)

Ivan: Take it easy ok. It’s not gonna be easy.

Devon: I know. Thank you Kuya Ayven! (Gave him a brotherly tight hug)

Ivan wanted to do something crazy just to tease James so he imitated the hug that James and Devon shared during the last night in PBB house. The hug with a swirl!

James saw it and no matter how he hides his feeling, he still considers Ivan a threat to his feelings for Devon !

An hour after, everyone called it a night. James offered to take Devon home and Devon only agreed when Ivan gave her the go signal.

Fretzie, Bret, James and Devon were the last housemates to go. Before leaving Ivan’s unit and while waiting for the lift to go to the lobby, Ivan was waiting for them at the door. When the elevator opened, Fretz, Bret and James went in but Devon ran to Ivan and gave him a big hug and buried her face on his chest. Ivan hugged Devon tightly as well. She felt so small in his arms.

Devon gave Ivan a peck in the cheeks and whispered to him…. I love you Kuya Ayven. Thank you for everything.

Ivan kissed Devon as well and whispered I love you too Kiddo!

The hurt expression of James face didn’t escape the keen eye of Ivan. He let go of Devon and told everyone…

Ivan: Ingat guys ha. See you on Sunday at ASAP.

Fretz, Bret, Davon and James waved good bye at Ivan.

When Ivan closed the door. He let out a big sigh and whispered…

Ivan: I love you Kiddo… I still love you Deevan….

Chapter 14:

ABS-CBN office…
While one of the PBB staff was downloading the pictures during the 1st story conference, he saw something that caught his eye….

PBB Staff: (Thru text) Hi Direk, I’m emailing you something. You have got to see this. Call me. Thanks.


While in the elevator, Bunnies and JADE are all quite. After the DeVan scene, James is trying to control himself not to react. His ears are really turning red. He’s trying to pacify and calm himself. Bret saw it and put his left hand on James’ shoulder.

Ground Floor…

Bret: Hey guys, wanna have coffee before we call it a day?

Devon: Pass na ako. Layo pa uuwian ko eh. Caloocan pa. James, you can just take me somewhere that I can take the bus. It’s gonna be out of your way na. And you’re tired di ba?

James: No it’s alright. There’s no traffic so it won’t be a long ride.

Devon: (kulit Devon mode) No, hindi na. Kahiya naman sayo. Please just…

James: MM, I said it ok. Please…

Fretzie: BFF, why don’t you just stay with me? Dun ka na lang sa unit ko matulog. Some of your clothes are still there. (Since Fretzie’s condo is near ABS, they usually dress up there before going to the studio and Devon has some stuff there).

Bret: Bitaw diay sa. Ayaw na lang pauli. Call your Uncle. Besides, it’s late na and di ba you guys have an early call time tomorrow ni Bun and Tricia for Metro Magazine shoot.

Fretzie: Ay o diay sa BFF. Stay sa condo na lang. And oo nga pala, when are you moving in with me? It’s gonna be fun! (Flashing her cute bunny smile). Sige na BFF.

Devon: Ok, text lang nako si Uncle. James, I’ll go with them na lang ha.

James: No, I’m taking you there. Is it ok Dude?

Devon: But mapapalayo ka pa…

Bret knew that James needs to talk to Devon so he made the move.

Bret: It’s ok Dev. Let’s just convoy going to the condo. I’m on my way there also so it’s alright.

James secretly thanked Bret for it.

Devon: Haaay. Ok. BFF, hala makaulaw man nimo oi. Pero yah mas practical nga if I will not go home to Caloocan today. Malapit na din me mag move-in with you. Hopefully I’ll be done packing this weekend. (Nagyakapan ang dalawa before they went to their respective cars).


PBB Staff: Hello Direk. Yes. You saw it na? Pwede ano… may body language. Hahaha! Oo nga po. Maraming nagsuggest about it. Yes po. Sige po. Will email the team. 10 am emergency meeting. Thanks po. Good night din po.

And the PBB staff sent this email to the loop:

Hi PBB Team Clash 2010! Emergency meeting tomorrow at 10 am @ Direk LD’s office. RE: Body Language!

This is really exciting guys! You be the judge on the picture I’m attaching in this email.

See yah!

Sent to: PBB Clash Team 2010!

Chapter 15:

James and Devon were so quite in the car. Devon noticed that the track they’re taking is not the way to Fretzie’s house but James’.

Devon: James, where are we going?

James: Yes Baby?

Devon: Baby ka dyan. Where are we going?

James: Home!

Devon: Home? Eh Fretz’ place is in Quezon City . We are heading to Makati ah. James naman! Take me na to Fretz place. Nakakahiya. She’ll be waiting. James please….

James just smiled and took out the key from his pocket and gave it to Devon .

Devon: What’s this?

James: Isn’t it obvious? It’s a key!

Devon: Key to what? Where? Will you please stop the car! I’m taking a cab to Fretz’ place.

James: No Way ! I’m the driver so I will stop whenever and wherever I want (nakakalokong tingnan yung mukha ni James. Imagine this… his expression is the same when he was teasing Ivan that he’ll eat all the burger and pizza since Ivan is already outside of the house).

Devon: I hate you! (And tumunog ang cellphone ni Devon . 1 message from BFF)

BFF: BFF, it’s ok. I gave a spare key to James. You can come home anytime you like. You guys need to talk. Pagtalk namo kay mura na cya mabuang! Hehehe…. Be good ok?

Devon didn’t waste anytime and slapped James really hard!

James: Ouch! That hurts! (And the kulitan continues….)

DJ: This next song is dedicated to all the JADERS/JAEVONERS/GEMSTER all over the world and those people who can relate to this song…

Bangin ka ba? Kasi
Nahuhulog na ako sa 'yo, naman kasi

Biglang natigilan sina James and Devon and blurted a nice big laugh because it’s one of the songs of the JADE fans!

Flashback (7 years ago)

Devon was trying to explain and interpret the lyrics of the song to James. And she was really having a hard time explaining it to him. Sobra ang kulitan. They were in James condo unit. He has his own unit now in Makati . They were memorizing the song because it was a videoke challenge for them from the joint party of JADERS, BUNNIES and KIMBANG M&G with their fans.

Devon: Be serious James. We need to win this. I’m sure Lyan will bring the house down again. Our Jaders needs us.

But James can’t concentrate because he’s laughing at the video that BITEMEGENESIS uploaded in youtube and that would be their videoke guide.

Unggoy ka ba? Kasi
Sumasabit ka sa puso ko, naman kasi
Pustiso ka ba? Kasi
You know I can't smile without you

Pagod na pagod na ako
Maghapon ka na kasing tumatakbo sa isipan ko
Kasi naman kasi

Back to the present time…

James and Devon were singing along with the Mahal Kita song….

Mahal kita
Bagay tayong dalawa
Papicture nga
Para mapadevelop kita

Hindi tayo tao, hindi rin tayo hayop
Bagay tayo, bagay talaga

At naalala na naman nila yung videoke challenge na. It turned out that all 3 couples were given the same song to sing with matching choreography! But using different MVs that their fans made for each of them. True enough, ang gulo gulo at ang saya saya! Their performance was recorded by their fans and all three performances were given more than 100 thousand hits and counting in youtube.

Pustiso ka nga, kasi
I lily lily can't smile without you.


1 message received.

Direk: Please compile all MVs that you can find of them. I also need to know the comments of the fans on each video. Print-out the threads in PEX and paki highlight na those important events. Need it tomorrow in the meeting.

PBB Staff: Np Direk.

PBB Staff took out the DVD sent to him by JADERS and started printing the PEX thread.

PBB Staff: Mahal kita kasi kasi… Hindi tayo tao, hindi tayo hayop. Bagay tayo, bagay talaga! (And he continues to sing-a-long with rest of the JADER from all over the land who are currently listening to the same radio station)…..

Chapter 16:

And finally nakarating din sila sa condo ni James. The parking space was at basement 2. Devon is kinda apprehensive to go down kasi people might see them. Especially that it’s way past midnight. She took a deep breath when James opened the door on her side. She made the sign of the cross before stepping out.

James assisted Devon and carried her overnight bag (she always brings this as advised by her handler. She needs to be ready for any special occasion that they will be attending instantly).

Kinakabahan man but she walked with James towards the elevator. At instinct, James hold Devon ’s hand and guided her to the elevator. The conscious Devon tried to pull her hand from James’ strong grip but James held it tighter instead.

James: Relax

Devon: People might see. Remember what we have signed for…

James: I don’t really kehr Baby.

Devon: Stop calling me that…

James: Call you what?

Devon: That…

James: What? Say it… what???? (teasing Devon some more)

Devon: James behave…

James: I didn’t do anything… say it… say what? Say Baby??? (said it with a wink)

Devon: Ay ewan ko sayo (nasa elevator na sila going to the 22nd floor; Trivia: kapareho pa sila ng floor number ni Ivan)

James: Baby, baby, baby oh! Baby, baby, baby no!!! (singing the Justin Bieber song seductively) Baby I thought you’d always be mine…mine!!! (and they’re in the 22nd floor and as the elevator stopped and before the door will open, James gave Devon a quick smack on the lips that shocked Devon !)

When the door opened, James stepped out as if nothing happened and continued to sing the same song. Devon was not able to move and came to her senses only when James called her name.

James: Baby, baby Devooon!!!! Baby, baby let’s go!!!!

Devon: Ssssshhhh quite! Eskandaloso ka talaga! Stop singing. You’ll wake them up.

James: Baby, baby baby ooohh!!!

Devon ran to James and covered his mouth so that he will stop singing. James continued to mumble when Devon covered his mouth with his hand. He continued to tease Devon by sticking his tongue so that Devon ’s hand will get wet and she will no longer cover his mouth.

Devon again with her signature slap, gave James a big one!

Devon: Baboy mo talaga! (sabay tawanan na silang dalawa as James key-in the code of his apartment to open the door)

Again, Devon took a deep breath before going inside.

James: You want anything? You want ice cream? (James opened the freezer to take out the ice cream)

Devon: Huwag na. Busog pa ako eh.

Devon is checking out the framed pictures of James’ tokador and smiled when she remembered the photobooth pictures they have. Some pictures with Ann, with the big 6 and one fame with just their pictures in it. She smiled when she saw the caption that the JADERs made…. BODY LANGUAGE NAMAN KASI! KASI!

Devon was having fun reminiscing the past and didn’t know that James was standing behind her. His arms are widely stretched that Devon was enveloped inside. Devon turned around and they are so close to each.

Devon: James, you’re crowding me (trying to push James away but James stood still and was about to kiss Devon when…)

Kiddo! You there? Pick-up! Kiddo! You there? Pick-up! It’s Devon ’s special ringing tone if Ivan calls. The words kept repeating.

Devon: James, excuse me. I need to take Ivan’s call. (Trying to let escape from James embrace)

James let out a big sigh of frustration, but still not releasing Devon . The phone continues to ring.

Devon: Please…

James released Devon and she hurriedly searched her cellphone from her bag. James went to the fridge to and opened a bottle of beer. He took big gulp from his San Mig Light and was looking at what Devon is doing.

Devon: Hello…. Sorry it took me a while to answer your call. Yeah, I’m fine. I know… will call you tomorrow ok. Yes po. Opo opo. Maya konti uwi na din ako. Opo. I’m staying with Fritz. Sige good night. Ingat hehehe ok. Bye.

Devon took time to check her text messages. 10 messages. 7 came from Ivan. 1 from Jack and 1 from her handler.

Ivan x 7: Wru Kiddo? Call me asap! Need to talk to you.

Jack: MM, HK na me. Sorry. Biglaan talaga. Will be seeing my bride tomorrow. Wish me luck. By the way, how are you and James? Wer you able to talk? Hahaha you should have seen his face kanina…. Keep me updated ok.

Handler: Dev, wru? You need to bring one white maluwag na polo pala bukas. Better kung parang panlalaki ang sukat. Pillow fight con girl bonding kasi kayo bukas for your photoshoot with the PBB girls. Told Fretz, Tricia, Ann and Jenny already. 10 am call time bukas ha. Gud nyt.

Biglang natampal ni Devon yung noo nya. She has completely forgotten to borrow Ivan’s long sleeves white polo for the shoot. She decided to call him tomorrow instead. Daanan na lang nya ito bago pumunta sa photoshoot.

James was wondering why Devon made such gesture.

James: What’s wrong?

Devon: Wala. I forgot to get the white long sleeve polo from Ivan kanina. I need it for the photoshoot tomorrow. Di bale, I’ll go to his place na lang bukas to get it before heading to the venue of the photoshoot. James, it’s getting late. Can I go na? I have to wake up really early tomorrow to prepare for the shoot and I need to get pa the polo. I’ll just take a cab to Fretz. (Nag-umpisa na mag-ayos si Dev ng bag nya).

James: Stay. Please. Let’s talk.

Devon: James, we can do that some other time. I really need to go (in a panic voice)

Hinarang ni James ang sarili nya sa daraanan ni Devon and hugged Devon .

Devon: James, please let me go…

James tightened his embrace and that when Devon ’s defenses weaken and she let go of her things and reciprocated James’ embrace. They hug tightly and James cupped the face of Devon and kissed her intimately. It shows how much they missed each other because Devon responded to James’ needs. Sandali din silang nakalimut when they heard the phone ringing. This time it’s James’ cellphone and the caller is Ann.

James wanted to ignore the call but it didn’t stop ringing.

Devon: Sagutin mo muna….

Chapter 17:

Kiddo! You there? Pick-up! Kiddo! You there? Pick-up!

Nagkatinginan sina Devon and James at biglang nawala ang tension dahil sa sabay na pagtunog ng mga cellphones nila. Naka apat na ring at sabay kindat ni James kay Devon na ibig sabihin nun ay dating gawi….

James: Ready? (flashes his magnetic grin)

Di na sumagot si Devon at hintay ang countdown ni James at sabay nilang pinidot ang power off ng mga cellphones nila. At nagtawanan after. Di na rin napigilan ni James ang sarili at niyakap ulit si Devon . Nadala na rin si Devon sa sitwasyon at yumakap na din kay James.

James: Baby, let’s just forget all the people around us tonight. Let it be just us… please… (sabay tingin sa mata ni Devon na nagsusumamo).

Devon could only nod and buried her face on James’ chest and reciprocated the tight embrace that James is giving her.

And just like old time, James carried Devon and swirl her around as Devon lifted her feet up and they laughed to their hearts content.

On the other side…

At Ivan’s condo.

The subscriber cannot be reached. Please try to call later.

Ivan: Hmmmnnnn some things never changed…. She ran out of battery again!

And Ivan texted Devon : Kiddo! Charge your phone ok! Drain na naman battery mo. I’ll bring the white long sleeve tomorrow on your photo shoot. Take care.

Ivan can only sigh after sending the text to Devon . He remembered the day when he started discovering his feeling towards her….

Flashback five years ago…. He stood there watching Devon singing in ASAP.

Pansin mo ba ang pagbabago?
Di matitigan and iyong mga mata
Tila di na nanabik
Sa iyong yakap at halik

Nakatungo lang si Devon while singing the song. Ivan stared and observed all of Devon ’s movements. He knew something was wrong. He can sense it.

Sana’y malaman mo
Hindi sinasadya
Kung ang nais ko ay
Maging malaya

Tumingin na ulit si Devon sa harap and Ivan was so sure that he saw the tiny teardrop that falls from her face and she managed to wipe it before lifting her face but that didn’t escaped the keen observation of Ivan. He knew that Dev was not alright and all he wanted that time was to go there and hug her.

Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw ang nahihirapan
Damdamin ko rin ay naguguluhan

Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw and nababahala
Bulong ng isip wag kang pakawalan

Ngunit ang puso ko ay
Kailangan kang iwan

2 days ago….

RM: Dev, I’m really sorry. I know this is uncalled for pero wala akong magagawa. Utos ng Management. Stay away daw muna from James.

Devon knew it was coming but still got tongue tied and couldn’t utter a single word.

RM: Dev, as discussed before, they wanted James to be a solo artist. Lagi na lang daw kasi nakadikit sa’yo si James and some of fans are not taking it lightly. They said that it’s affecting your career as well. And daming masasamang sinasabi yung mga followers niya against you. Lie low na lang daw muna.

Devon still didn’t say a word. Bumuhos na ng tuluyan ang kanina pang pinipigilang mga luha.

RM: Dev, I know masakit ito pero hayaan na muna natin. Concentrate na muna tayo sa career mo. Gusto nilang e pair ka daw sa iba.

Suminghot si Devon at mas bumilis ang pagbuhos ng mga luha at napansin na iyon ng RM nya kaya di na nito pinatuloy ang sinabi at bagkus niyakap na lang si Devon .

RM: Tahan na. It will be alright. Sssssshhhhhh….

Mas lumakas pa ang hagulgul ni Devon this time and her cellphone started ringing and with special ringing tone, she knew it was James calling.

RM: (Answered the phone) James….

James: Where is she? I need to talk to her.

RM: Not now James. Did you talk to your RM already?

James: Yes and I don’t kher! May I speak to her please.

RM: James I’m sorry. It’s management’s order. You guys should not talk first.

James: (His voice is starting to get louder) Please, just give her the phone. I want to talk to her. Please. (Ang boses ni James ay nababahiran na ng pagpiyok tanda ng pagpipigil umiyak)

RM: James, I’m really sorry. (Naiiyak na din ang RM ni Dev kasi naawa siya sa dalawa pero wala siyang magawa. Si Devon naman ay tuluyan ng tinakpan ang mukha ng kanyang mga kamay at humagulgul)

James: Ate, please. Just this once. Please. I need to talk to her. Please let me talk to her. I’m begging you. (James is crying on the other end already).

Devon’s RM took a deep breath and made an instant choice…

RM: Dev, just this once. But remember kung ano napag-usap natin. Sundin mo ang utos para di magkagulo. (And she handed the phone to Devon ).

James: Baby, please don’t listen to them. We can do this. (Pagsusumamo ni James kay Devon )

Di pa rin makapagsalita si Devon . Nakikinig lang siya sa sinasabi ni James.

James: If they cannot accept us, let’s get out of here. Let’s go to Australia . Baby, let’s not give-up.

Devon: (Turned to her RM) Ate, please. Pwede ba muna kami mag-usap and magkita ni James. Sige na po.

RM: Dev, bawal nga eh.

Devon: Ate, hayaan nyo pong mag-usap kami ng maayos. Please po.

RM: Huwag dito. Ihahatid na muna kita pauwi then dun mo na patawagin si James. Huwag kayo mag-usap dito. Maraming maaring makarinig. Let’s be safe lang.

Devon: Salamat po.

Devon: (kinausap na si James) Meet na lang tayo sa bahay. Payag na si Ate.

Chapter 18:

What turned out to be a venue for a good conversation that would make things better made things worst. Naharangan ang plano ng dalawa to talk. Before they could leave the building, they were called for a meeting together. Several issues were raised. Several restrictions were given. They were given options to select but things were carefully explained why things had to be done.

Na shock na lang ang dalawa na kasama pala sa meeting ang daddy ni James and mommy ni Devon . Kinausap din sila ng masinsinan ng dalawa in a closed door meeting.

To cut the story short, they were told to give both their careers a chance because both worked hard for it.

Pansin mo ba ang nararamdaman
Di na tayo magkaintindihan
Tila hindi na maibabalik
Tamis ng yakap at halik

Maaring tama ka
Lumalamig ang pagsinta
Sana’y malamn mong
Di ko sinasadya

Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw ang nahihirapan
Damdamin ko rin ay naguguluhan

Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw and nababahala
Bulong ng isip wag kang pakawalan
Ngunit ang puso ko ay
Kailangan kang iwan

This time, Devon ’s voice was starting to crack. She can no longer control her tears. Pinilit nyang pahirin but the more she wipes it, the more it’s streaming down. She tried to smile to conceal the hurt she’s feeling but her emotions are betraying her.

Parang pinipiga na ang damdamin ni Ivan that time. Gustong gusto na nyang tumakbo at yakapin si Devon and finally, Juris took over. Singbilis ni superman ang takbo ni Ivan para puntahan si Devon na tumatakbo na sa backstage.

Di hahayaang habang buhay kang saktan
Di sasayangin ang iyong panahon
Ikaw ay magiging masaya
Sa yakap at sa piling ng iba

Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw ang nahihirapan
Damdamin ko rin ay naguguluhan

Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw and nababahala
Bulong ng isip wag kang pakawalan
Ngunit ang puso ko ay
Kailangan kang iwan

Juris: Thank you! Thank you Devon !

Naabutan ni Ivan si Devon bago pa makapasok sa dressing room at walang salitang niyakap niya ito. Nagbreakdown na si Devon at para makaiwas sa mga reporters, dali daling kinuha ni Ivan ang bag nya sa katabing dressing room at binitbit na si Devon palayo sa lugar. He had to take Devon out of there. She needs fresh air. She needed him now. He wants her to need him. At back of his mind, this might be his only chance but mas nanaig ngayon ang pagiging kaibigan niya kay Devon kaysa pansariling interes.

Napukaw ang katahimikan sa loob ng kotse sa pagtunog ng cellphone ni Ivan.

Fretzie: Is she alright? Where is she? Where are you guys? (Naiiyak na tinig ni Fretzie)

Ivan: Calm down. She’s sleeping now. I’m taking her to Tagaytay. She needs a breath of fresh air. I’ve talked to Tita Lyn already.

Fretzie: Pagkatapos ng show, punta ako dyan ha. I’ll bring her clothes. (And they continued to talk about the details and direction).

Nag ring ulit ang phone ni Ivan and this time it’s his RM who’s calling.

RM: (Galit na galit) Where the hell are you? You missed your dance number!

Ivan: I’m sorry. I had to leave.

RM: Without telling me? What were you thinking? Ivan ha! Pumapalya ka na! You were supposed to dance and my God, you were nowhere to be found! I saw you standing in front already and all of a sudden bigla ka nawala! Pinapasakit mo ulo ko!

Ivan: Sorry na po. Ngayon lang po ako nagkamali. Please forgive me. I’ll explain to you soon.

RM: Where are you?

Ivan: Somewhere. Just give me this please. Just this once.

RM: Hay nako Ivan ha, huwag mo itong ulitin kung hindi ewan ko, bibitawan kita kahit pa mahal na mahal kita. Nakakaloka ka!

Ivan: Sorry na po. Love yah. Sige na coz I’m driving. I’ll call you tomorrow. Don’t worry, I texted direct already to apologize.

Natapos din ang usapan ni Ivan at ng RM nya. He looked at Devon who’s peacefully sleeping in the passenger seat. Bakas sa mukha ni Devon ang mga luhang kanina pa walang humpay na umaagos. Ivan touched the traces of tears on Devon ’s face lightly and sigh. If only….

And where was James that time….. at home…. Drunk and refused to get out of his room.

Chapter 19:

Star Magic Ball, Rizal Ballroom, Makati Shangri-la

Sabay-sabay dumating ang mga PBB Teenternational and they had their photos taken sa photobooth sa gawing entrance ng ballroom. Some of PBB Teens joined them but ang mag BFF na sina Fretzie and Devon are not yet around.

It’s been 3 months since the incident happened and ever since then, Devon and James didn’t get the chance to meet or talk again. They were not allowed to. James was sent abroad to shoot a movie with the Teenternationals and kakabalik lang nila to attend the event. They went to Korea to do a mini-telenovela as a special request by the teenternational fans. Since Bret is part of the teenternational, he is already with the group in Makati Shang where they are also billeted.

May tatlong nilalang na nagmamadaling pumasok sa ballroom.

Ryan: Ei my pren Ayban! Debon! and Pret-si! Come hir. Come come! Join us in picture picture. Amajing ha!

Nasipagtilian na ang mga PBB Teens na girls and yakapan na ang lahat except for one person who’s trying not to make a move at all. Ni lumingon di niya ginawa.

Bret: Dude, aren’t you going to say hi to…

Bago pa matapos ni Bret ang sasabihin, umalis bigla si James. Nagmamadaling umalis. Lakad takbo ang ginawa para lang makaiwas.

Bret: Dude, come back! (the usual Bret desperate pose) WTF!

Napailing na lang si Bret at nilapitan at hinalikan si Fretzie and Devon at nag brotherly hug kay Ivan.

Bret: Hi Bun, I’m sorry I was not able to fetch you guys. Their order! (sinabayan ng pag roll ng mga mata and sabay yakap kay Fretzie)

Fretzie: It’s ok Bun. I understand. What happened to DD?

Bret: Ay ambot ato niya oi. Kalit lang ka wala man. Gidugo guro. (he said it with a grin and hugged Fretzie again) I missed you so much!!! You’ll be my date tonight ha. (Sabay offered his arms to Fretzie like that of an escort).

Kinikilig na lang si Fretzie and flashing her bunny teeth grin.

Bret: Pareng Ivan, thanks for taking care of my Bun and Bessie. I’m claiming my date back ok.

Ivan smiled and nodded and did the same escort pose to Devon .

Devon: Oi magpapicture sa ta Blet! (she managed to smile despite the uneasiness of seeing James again after a couple of months and after secretly witnessing his walk-out moment)

Ryan: Blet, where is Jems? Wow Debon! You look amajing! Ouch! Crazy woman, why did you hit me? (Referring to Jenny)

Jenny: Why you say Devon is amajing and you didn’t tell me that!

Ryan: Oh I’m so sorry. Debon is amajing but you my queen is pletty!

Jenny: Really? (nag pacute)

Ryan: See! She’s lily lily crazy. NO! hahahaha

At pinalo na ng pinalo ni Jenny si Ryan.

Jenny: Take it back! Say I’m pletty! Say it!!!!!! (This time, Jenny hands are encircled at Ryan’s neck as if chocking him)

Ryan: Help! Help! Guard! Guard! Arrest this clazy woman! Help!!!!! (Sabay yakap kay Jenny at binigyan ng halik sa lips)

Namula si Jenny at tawanan na ang lahat ng nakasaksi. Napailing na lang sila Ivan at ang mga girls ay kinikilig.

Do it again Lyan and Jenny is the photobooth. Pambubuyo ng mga PBB Teens sa pangunguna ni Joe. Pinagbigyan naman sila ng dalawa at mas lalong nagkagulo.

Biglang may RM na nagsabi na picture din daw ang Big 6 for old time sake. And the big 6 gathered and only to realized that James is missing. Before Ryan could utter a word, Joe was quick to save the day. He brought James and convinced him to be part of the picture.

Picture 1: The 2 girls are in the front while the 4 boys stayed at the back. Serious look.

Picture 2: Si Ivan was on the leftmost katabi si Devon na inakbayan ng huli. Katabi ni Devon si Ryan na katabi naman si Fretzie na katabi din Bret at nakayakap pa si Fretzie kay Bret and James was right next to Bret.

Picture 3: Si Ryan nakaakbay sa dalawang girls samantalang the the 3 boys are looking kunyari ingit of what Ryan is doing

Picture 4: Si Ryan is still in the center and niyakap nina Devon and Fretzie and he is posing like a strong man (Hercules pose) while the boys are as if trying to snatch the girls away. James that time was looking closely to Devon just in time when the shutter clicked!

Sumigaw si Joe na isa pa! Chorus na lahat!

Picture 1: Nasa likod na si Ryan katabi si Ivan and James while si Bret ang nasa gitna na nakadikit ang face kay Fretzie and Devon .

Picture 2: Change position sila, nadikit na si Bret at Fretzie sa end na magkayakap and si Ryan yumakap na di kay Ivan and that leaves James and Devon in the center. Click, awkward kasi nakatayo lang sila dalawa na di alam ang gagawin at nanigas ang mga leeg kasi ayaw tingnan ang isa’t isa

Ryan: Hey you two! So corny! Pose! Crazy! (Sabay yakap ulit kay Ivan!)

Picture 3: Just in time na nagkatinginan si James and Devon sa isa’t isa when Ryan utter the word. So makikita sa picture na eye to eye sila.

James: What the heck…

Picture 4: Swiftly, James hugged and pressed his face on Devon face that shocked Devon and it registered in the camera. (Just like their picture in the Rockwell event)

Chapter 20:

PBB Teens: More more more!

James: Enough! I’m going now. (And he just glanced at Devon and walked away)

Devon is still stunned by what happened. Tinapik siya ni Ivan.

Ivan: Kiddo, let’s go inside.

Ryan: Ei pipor, wait for the picture! Oh boy! I’m so handsome here! Ei, Jenny crazy woman, come hir. See this (pointing his Hercules shot) I rook amajing!

Jenny: Whatever! Faster you big animal. Let’s go inside now. Hey, aren’t you going to assist me?

Ryan: (bumungisngis) Tsuri tsuri. My mistake. Come now my crazy queen!

Sabay na sila pumasok lahat. Since hindi magkasya sila sa sampuan na mesa, the group was divided into 2. The teenternational and pinoy housemates but nagpalit si Joe and Bret kasi Bret wants to sit where Fretzie is sitting. Devon and Ivan were sitting together while there’s a vacant seat at James’ table.

Napaisip si Devon kung bakit wala si Ann. And before she could ask Fretzie about it, dumating si Ann at nagmamadali palapit kay James. She kissed him on the cheek and no matter how Devon would try to hide it but she’s still affected by it so she turned her gaze somewhere else.

Ann: Sorry James. There’s a wardrobe malfunction. The zipper got stuck.

James just nodded and displayed his I don’t kher reaction.

And the program and dinner started.

The PBB teens are getting ready for their dance number. Since the teenternationals where away so were instructed to make their own dance number. The pinoy teens gathered for their dance and since Bret is not around, Fretzie was paired with Patrick and Devon and Ivan were partners.

They danced to the tune of I know you want me and they were all having fun. Tutuk na tutuk ang mga mata ni James sa bawat galaw ni Devon . Nagseselos siya sa kasiyahang nakikita sa mga ngiti ni Devon at Ivan. Hindi na maipinta ang mukha ni James pero dahil sa conscious si Ann sa damit niya kaya di niya napapansin ang mga facial expression ni James.

This night is hell for James. She seem so near yet so far. Di pwede. Bawal daw. It’s their career that’s at stake and he needs to understand Devon ’s commitment to her family. He might not totally agree with it but he has to live with it.

Ann: James, are you alright?

James: Huh? Why would I not be?

Ann: Nothing. I noticed kasi you’re so quite.

Di na sumagot si James but he just shrugged his shoulder in a clueless manner. Natapos na din ang sayaw ng mga pinoy teens and it’s the turn of the teenternationals. They danced the Jenny and Ryan dance from the concert (Nothing on You) and with the leadership of KimBang, nadala na din si James kasi he was laughing out laud when dancing. He was paired with Ann. They looked like they’re having a great time.

Sa ibang banda, Devon is looking at James and Ann and she’s hurting. This time, si Devon na naman ang nanahimik. And napansin din yun ni Ivan.

Ivan on the other hand is getting really affected by Devon’s reaction to James but like a true friend, he supported Devon . Hinawakan at pinisil ni Ivan ang kamay ni Devs as if telling her that it’s ok. I’m here for you.

Tumingin si Devon kay Ivan and smiled to him and to show her appreciation to her friend, she leaned on Ivan’s shoulder. In that way, ma-ibsan man lang konti ang pagseselos na nadarama niya.

That scene didn’t escape James’ eyes. He was caught off guard and missed his step. Luckily, naagapan ni Ann ang nangyari. Di rin napansin ni Devon and Ivan ang nangyayari kasi that was when the time they were looking at each other.

Natapos din ang sayaw ng teenternational and kahit may tension between Devon and James, di na napapansin ng mga kasama nila dahil sa kulitan ng KimBang.

Pagkatapos ng program, Devon and Ivan were awarded as one of most coordinated pair. Nagkasundo kasi ang handlers nilang dalawa na pagawan sila ng outfit on the same designer.

Another most coordinated pair are James and Ann. Sobra ang kantiyawan ng mga Star Magic talents and all the winners were asked to dance. By coincidence, the song that was played was Pyramid.

Devon and James frozed! The song reminds them both of them. Their happy moments inside the PBB house.

Chapter 21:

Ivan: May I have this dance Kiddo?

Bumalik sa ulirat si Devon at bumungisngis na ulit kay Ivan. Sabi ni Devon sa sarili niya, I have to enjoy this night. Nagsimula ng umindak sina Ivan and Devon .

Ivan is someone so closed to Devon and she knews there something between them. She’s her closest friend. Her protector and her knight and shinning armor. Ivan help her during the 3 months in transition to what happened to her and DD. One think she likes about Ivan is that he didn’t take advantage of her weaknesses. He was there to comfort and her shoulder to cry on. Somehow he managed to cheer her up. That’s when they made a pact or rather sinabihan ni Devon si Ivan that from that day forward, Ivan will be his best friend and will be his Kuya.

Ivan might be hurting that time because he wanted more but he knows it was not the right time to pursue it. He chose to be a friend to help Devon cope with the calamity she’s into. Pero kung titingnan ng mga hindi nakakaalam, akala talaga may namumuong tinginan kay Ivan at Devon . They have been interviewed several times but all they can do is give the platonic answer of “we are just friends”.

Ng biglang nag-iba ang tempo ng sayaw. Naging mabilis na version ng Pyramid kaya din na napigilan ng Ryan Bang ang sarili at hinila si Bret at Fretzie para makisayaw. They all end up dancing the special Pyramid steps they practiced before and Ann joined them and later on the other housemates joined in as well. It became the signature dance of the night because the other Star Magic artist joined in and si Mr. Bang ang naging lider ng sayaw. The DJ has to extend the song because everyone seems to be all having fun including the big wig management.

Ang lahat ng tension na namumuo kanina lang ay nakalimutan at hudyat yung sayaw na yun sa pag-umpisa ng mas mahaba at mas masayang sayawan.

Hindi pa rin nagpapansinan si Devon at James. Lagi nakadikit si Devon kay Ivan. Si James naman umiiwas ng titig kay Devon . Nung medyo lumalim na ang gabi, naging tipsy na ng konti ang ibang mga stars lalo na sina Joe at Ryan kay mas sumobra ang kulit ng dalawa.

Nasa dancefloor ang mga PBB Teen Clash at nag form ng isang circle at sumasayaw. Nag umpisang magkahilahan ng partner nung naging malumanay na ang tugtug. Kanya kanyang partner ang mga may namumuong special na pagtitinginan. Nagkataon na si Ivan at Anne ay nag restroom kaya nag end up na si Devon at James na lang ang walang partner at parehong nakatayo sa gitna. Aaktong aalis na sana si Devon para bumalik sa upuan nila ng biglang hinawakan ni James ang kamay niya.

James: May I have this dance? (Pormal yung pagkakasabi ni James)

Hindi nakatinag si Devon . Nagkusa na si James na hapitin palapit sa kanya si Devon at sumayaw na sila. By coincidence lang ba at ang tugtug ay Two is Better than One pa.

Chapter 22:

I remember what you wore on our first date
You came into my life
And I thought hey
You know this could be something
Cause everything you do and words you say
You know that it all takes my breath away
And now I'm left with nothing

So maybe it's true, that I can't live without you
Well maybe two is better than one
There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two, is better than one

Sumasayaw ang dalawang nilalang na hindi nagtingan sa isa’t isa. James’ right hand is holding Devon ’s right hand while the left hand is at her waist. Slowly they’re dancing without uttering a single word. But di pa rin matatawaran ang chemistry na meron sila. They look together. The tension between the two of them is still there.

Gusto ng kibuin ni Devon si James pero di niya alam kung paano at ano ang kanyang sasabihin at natatakot din siya na baka mapahiya lang siya kaya hinayaan na lang niyang magsayaw sila ng di nagkikibuan.

Di na rin nakatiis si James. He was still looking a far when he said.

James: How are you?

Devon: Huh? I’m ok. Ikaw?

James: I’m not.

Di na ulit nakakibo si Devon . Because she knew that James knew that she was not telling the truth.

James: What happened to us? (He said it in an emotionless face)

Devon: James… (biglang napadiin ang hawak ni Devon sa kamay ni James)

James: (In other circumstances, James would have blurted out his signature ouch but he didn’t react) Are you even happy now Devon ?

Nagbabanta ng tumulo ang luha ni Devon . Na fefeel na ni James ang panginginig ni Devon kay he shifted his moves placed Devon’s hand on his neck and hugged Devon tightly. Devon couldn’t contain her emotion and she silently cry in James’ chest. She buried her face there because she doesn’t want people to see her in that state. More so to let her RM witness what happened.

Sa di kalayuan, ang dalawang nilalang na nagsasayaw ay nakikita ng kani-kanilang mga RM at akma na sanang sumugod ang dalawa para paghiwalayin ang dalawa ay pinigilan sila ni Mr. M. Sinabihan sila na hayaan na daw muna ang mga ito na makapag-enjoy man lang sa gabing ito. Nakahinga ng maluwag ang dalawa lalo na’t nakita nila ang pagtango ng mga big boss na nasa likod. Napaiyak tuloy ang dalawang RM kasi sila mismo alam ang dinaanan at tinatahak ng mga alaga.

Mr. M: Just for tonight!

I remember every look upon your face,
The way you roll your eyes, the way you taste
You make it hard for breathing
Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything's okay
Now I'm finally now believin'

And maybe it's true, that I can't live without you
Well maybe two is better than one
There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two, is better than one

Chapter 23:

James: Let’s get out of here.

Devon: No.

James: Com’mon. Let’s talk. We need to talk.

Devon: James, hindi pwede. My family still needs me. Please understand.

James: Come live with me. Let’s go to Australia . Let’s leave everyone behind. Baby, please….

Devon: I’m sorry James.

Kukulitin pa sana ni James si Devon but Ivan and Ann were approaching already.

Ivan: (Smiling) Hey Dude, can I claim back my date?

Ann: James, dance with me please?

That leaves James no choice but to let go of Devon and handed her to Ivan. Ivan knew something was wrong again so he make it a point to bring Devon on the other side of the dance floor to talk to her.

Just in time that the song that was playing was…

Do you hear me,
I’m talking to you
Across the water across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky oh my, baby I’m trying
Boy I hear you in my dreams

I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard

I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again

When this song was played, Ivan knew that it was a sign that indeed he is falling for his bestfriend. (BR sa previous episode when Ivan dedicated this song to MM…)

No words are needed in comforting Devon that time. Ivan just hugged her tightly and told her to enjoy the night and they will talk after the party.

Ivan: Sorry Kiddo.

Devon: (Still hugging Ivan but not looking at him) For what?

Ivan: I think I left you untimely.

Devon: Wala kang kasalanan Kuya Ayven. Thank you nga pala for always being there to rescue me. (hugged Ivan more tightly)

Somehow the word Kuya struck Ivan. Para binuhusan ng malamig na tubig ang damdamin nya at siya’y nagising sa katotohanang iba ang tinitibok ng puso ng taong kayakap niya.

Ivan hugged Devon tightly as well. And that didn’t escape James’ sight. He became more furious. He wants to cry….

Ann: James, they’re playing our song! (kinikilig)

They don’t know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I’ll wait for you I promise you, I will

I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I’m lucky we’re in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

Like a true gentleman, James has to be sweet to Ann so that she won’t notice what he’s feeling. He came to his senses, he was able to talk to Devon and let her know that he’s not over her. He’s going to go to her place tonight to convince her on his proposal.

Though he’s dancing intimately with Ann but his gaze are directed to Ivan and Devon dancing so sweetly and so tightly on the other side of the ballroom. He took a deep breath and sigh.

And so I’m sailing through the sea
To an island where we’ll meet
You’ll hear the music, feel the air
I’ll put a flower in your hair

Though the breezes through trees
Move so pretty you’re all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now
James imagined that he’s doing what the lyrics’ portraying. James wished that he’s with Devon in that journey. With this imagination, he held Ann tightly with the thoughts of Devon .

Ann felt the tight hug of James and reciprocated. It’s been a while that she had that hug. They were not so well when they went to Korea to shot the movie. She was really reaching out to him. No one knew about the dilemma of James and Devon except for Ivan, Fretzie and Bret and their RM. She just thought that James is just tired. Because he always complains that he’s tired already with his life.

I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I’m lucky we’re in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

Before the song ended, Ivan whispered silently… I love you MM….. and little did he know that Devon heard it that’s why she hugged him more. She can’t just say the same thing… for now…. Soon probably… who knows where it will lead them.

Chapter 24:

Back at James’ place...

James: God! (Still holding Devon) How much I missed you....

Devon: (Smiling and looking at James) Me too...

James: Really? (sabay taas ng isang kilay)

Devon: Really!

James: Owww???? (Doubtful mode) I think I’m finding that hard to believe. You seemed to be enjoying your “friend’s” company

Devon: What? Jealous? (said in mocking voice)

James: Ofcourse not! Me? Jealous.... (denial mode)

Devon: Aminin.... oi, selos (started tickling James)

James: (Kulitan na sila) Stop! Please stop (and tickles Devon back)

Tuloy ang kulitan ng dalawa like they used to be in the PBB house. They end up sitting in James’ sofa.

James: I missed this so much.... (this time magkayakap na ang dalawa sa sofa)

Devon: Ako din. (Said it with a sigh).

Tiningnan ni James si Devon at nilihis nito ang bangs ni Devon.

James: You really have a nice forehead and skin color. I’m glad you didn’t give in to some people’s suggestion to take those whitening products

Devon: Kasi po, ayaw po ng iba diyan. Sayang din sana yung sponsorship and endorsement. (Parang nanghihinayang na sambit ni Devon)

James: Leave it. I love your skin color. Don’t ever change it ok. Promise me that.

Devon: But di ba I am often bashed because of my skin color. (Feeling hurt when she remembered how some of James’ fans treated her. Di pa rin totally sanay si Devon sa mga bashers. Kahit alam niya na di siya dapat masaktan pero tao lang siya at nasasaktan din. She tried to control the tears that were about to fall but it was too late).

James noticed the tears and wiped it.

James: Baby, please stop crying. I’m really sorry if my fans acted that way. I was able to talk to them about it already and God knows what happened during that meeting. (Nagwalk-out si James sa isang meeting with his fans because he was so angry on how they are treating Devon)

James: Baby, stop.... please stop crying. Don’t get affected with them. They don’t know you that well. (Sabay yakap kay Devon to comfort her)

Napasinghot na lang si Devon and she started wiping off her tears.

Devon: (Isang malakas na singhot ang ginawa) Oo nga! (singhot ulit) Stop na ito! I am a true Filipina and I’m proud of my color! (She said with pride sabay smile)

James: Wooohooo! There! That’s more I like it! (Sabay yakap kay Devon ulit)... Wait Baby, I have something for you.

Devon is anxiously waiting as James went to his room to get something. When James came back, he handed Devon a box wrapped in a white ribbon in a light blue-green box.

Devon: What’s this?

James: Why don’t you open it so that you’ll know what it is. (He said smiling – the James Reid signature boyish smile)

Hindi magkanda-ugaga si Devon sa pagbubukas. Kinakabahan siya at medyo nanginig pa ang kamay. She can’t seem to untie the white ribbon. James was smiling sabay iling and he got the box from Devon and decided to open it instead kasi nakikita niya na nanginginig ang kamay ni Devon.

James: Relax. Don’t get too excited.

Devon only grinned. James handed the box to her.

James: Com’mon open it.

Slowly Devon opened the Tiffany and Co. box and right before her eyes is a bracelet from James. At the back of the heart charm:

JADE – Better Together

Devon became speechless. James can see it in her eyes that she loves the bracelet. He took the liberty of putting it in her right wrist.

James: Baby, this time it really for you and it didn’t came from my X girlfriend.... it came from me.

Devon: (Smiling lovingly at James) Baby, thank you... (Sabay yakap at halik kay James)

And they embraced tightly. Devon knows that life will be starting to get complicated from this day forward but the hell the she cares. She loved and still is in love with this man and bahala na si Batman sa mga susunod na kabanata ng buhay nila. Sa gitna ng kasweetan ng dalawa ay biglang humirit si James.

James: Ever thought of repaying me on that....

Devon: (Kinabahan si Devon kung anong kabayaran ang hihingin ni James) Ha? Unsa man? I mean how?

James: You can.... can you.... (naughtily looked at Devon)

Devon: James you behave....

James: What??? You can... can you..... repay me with a massage!!! I love your massage Baby and I missed it so much! Please! Pretty please with sugar on top (sabay kindat at pa cute with his doe eyes)

Napatawa ng malakas sabay iling na lang si Devon. Sabay tampal kay James. At ito’y napalakas at napa ouch si James but Devon hugged him and willingly gave him a massage.

Chapter 25:

Some bar in Makati. Someone is so furious upon hearing “The subscriber cannot be reached. Please try to call later!”

Ann: Damn you James! (Sabay inum ng tequila)

1 message received: From RM: Where are you? Go home! You have a photoshoot tomorrow at 10 am. The last thing that I want if to see the dark circles in your eyes. I’m not loving this.

Ann: S***! Guys, I need to go! (Sabi ni Ann sa mga friends niya)

Friend1: I’ll take you home.

Ann: No, it’s ok. I’ll just take a cab. My place is near. You guys enjoy. Chay chian!

Ann sent a text message to James: James, what’s wrong? Are you hiding something from me? Let’s talk. Talk to me please.

Naalimpungatan si James and was still in dazed and finally he realized why he slept in the sofa and let out a shy smile when he saw the woman he love sleeping like a baby in the same sofa.

Nakatulugan nya ang massage ni Devon. Devon is in a fetal position. He looked at her. She’s sleeping like a baby. He decided to bring Devon to his room so that she can sleep better. When he attempted to carry Devon, that’s when she woke up.

Devon: Hmmmnnn James?

James: Go back to sleep Baby... (Started carrying Devon to his room)

Devon: (too sleepy to argue) hmmm Put me down. I’m heavy. (But her eyes are still close. She too tired)

James just smiled. He already has a buff and lean body and the muscles are in the right places. His body is as lean and buff as that of Zanjoe Marudo so carrying Devon in his arms is like carrying a bag of cotton only since she’s so light.

Nilapag nya si Devon sa kama and kinumutan. Some of Devon’s hair covered her face. Inaayus iyon ni James so that her face can be free from any distractions. He lightly touched her face using the back of her palm. Napangiti si Devon sa ginawa ni James but nakapikit pa rin ang mga mata at tulog na tulog. He planted a kiss on Devon’s forehead. Pero di pa rin nakatiis ito and he gave the luscious lips of Devon a quick one. He wanted to do more but alam niya may work pa si Devon bukas kaya he let her sleep na lang.

Naalala niya ang cellphone niya. He turned it on and all his messages came in. Some are from his RM reminding him of his schedules and some from his fans. And he read the last text of Ann. And he said to himself... Yes Ann we have to talk! But he didn’t reply on her text.

Duon nya nakita din ang cellphone ni Devon. He turned it on and got curious when he saw that there’s a message from Ivan. Ng dahil sa selos, he opted to read the message and that’s when he knew that Ivan will go to Devon’s photoshoot to bring the white long sleeve she borrowed.

He did the unexpected and replied to Ivan’s text.

James: No need for the long sleeves. Got one already. Thanks. (There he sent it).

After setting the alarm clock, he went back to his room to get ready to go back to sleep.

Before dozing off, he said a short prayer thanking Him for the girl who’s sleeping peacefully on his bed. He smiled and pagkahiga pa lang nya ay kinabig na nya si Devon at niyakap.

Magkayakap silang natutulog and for the longest time, ngayon pa lang ulit siya nakakatulog ng naka smile. At instinct, nung naramdaman ni Devon na kinabig siya ni James ay mas dumikit pa ito at para bang kumukuha ng init sa katawan nito para maibsan ang kalamigang dulot ng aircon. Nakatulog silang pareho ng mahimbing na mahimbing.

Chapter 26:

Ang bango ng bacon at sinangag ang gumising kay Devon. Sinundan ng ilong niya ang bango kung saan nanggaling ang masarap na amoy. Napabalikwas ng bangon si Devon ng maalalang hindi siya sa bahay ni Fretzie nakatulog.

Devon: Oh my God! Oh my God! (panic mode).

Dali-daling tumayo si Devon at matapos ayusin ang pinaghigaan ay lalabas na sana siya ng kwarto pero napapansin nya ang mga pictures na naka sabit sa dingding ng room ni James.

Mga bagong sabit ito kasi the last time she was there, wala pa ang mga iyon. It’s all her pictures.

All her stolen shot na naka black and white. Ito yung mga kuha ni James sa kanya dati nung minsang naimbitahan sila ng mga JADE/JAEVON Globies for an international M&G. They were in a beautiful island and having fun. James like any other enthusiast got hooked in photography and his favourite subject, his Devon.

Sa isang banda meron din silang kuha ni James and naalala niya ito when they had a show in Boracay. Mga stolen shot ulit na parang paparazzi. James even included some back shot that before he hates so much if may makita siyang ganung kuha. But it’s different with Devon. Lahat pwede sa kanya. The picture is cute kasi naka holding hands silang naglalakad in black and white. And one photo was taken na naka lean si Devon sa hubad barong magandang katawan ni James while waiting for their fruity shakes in Bora. Pareho silang naka shades.

Napaisip si Devon kung sino ang kumuha sa picture na iyon and nung nakita niya sa ilalim yung watermark ay galing pala sa official photographer ng mga Gems. Napangiti si Devon and thought that her Gems family never ceased to surprised her.

Devon: Oh my God!!!! (Nailagay ni Devon ang kamay niya sa bibig in awe. Nakita niya yung picture nila ni James with Daddy Malcomn na kasama sa mga naka display na pictures kasama ng mga family picture ng mga Reid.

Nalungkot si Devon kasi she misses Daddy Reid. He went back to Australia with Lauren and her family. Simula kasi nung nag part ways sila ni James ay nahiya na din siyang makipag-usap kay Daddy Malcomn although at one point nagkita sila sa studio and before she could stay away, Daddy Malcomn caught her and gave her a big hug. That was their last encounter.

Chapter 27:

At biglang naalala ni Devon ang oras. It’s 7:30 am and she has a photoshoot at 10 am and wala pa siyang long sleeve na white. Kailangan pa niyang daanan si Ivan for it.

Devon: Oh my God, Ivan! Kailangan ko palang tawagan si Ivan! (Ng biglang naalala yung ginawa nilang pag off ni James ng kanilang mga cellphones)

Naalala ni Devon na sa sala niya niawan ang cellphone niya kaya lumabas na siya para tingnan yun. Paglabas niya ay nakita niya si James na abalang abala naghahanda ng pagkain nila.

Di na nakakilos si Devon sa kinatatayuan niya kasi aliw na aliw siyang tingnan si James na nag-aayos. Napansin niyang magulo pa ang buhok nito at halatang kakabangon lang din. Di siya napansin nito kasi naka talikod ito sa kanya at nag mimix ng orange juice sa may counter.

Sobrang tahimik na naglalakad si Devon papunta kay James at biglan niya itong niyakap sa likod at kiniliti.

Devon: Hoy!

Halatang nagulat si James pero nakangisi pa rin. Niyakap ni James si Devon and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

James: Good morning sleepy head. Let’s eat na.

Devon: You know how to cook? (Pagdududa na sambit ni Devon)

James: Ofcourse. I learned! (Sabay kindat) Com’mon let eat while the food is still hot.

James led Devon to the table and they started eating. Habang kumakain, walang humpay na lambingan at kulitan.

Devon: Eat and run lang ako ha. I have a photoshoot at 10am and I have to drop by at Ivan’s place pa to get the longsleeve shirt I’m borrowing from him. I forgot mine sa bahay he.

James: No need. You can use one of mine. I have a lot of white long sleeve shirts.

Devon: Really? Thanks. I’ll text Ivan na lang para he will not have to wait.

James: No need also. I text him already....using your phone... If you don’t mind. (Sabi ni James na di siya tinitingnan... he’s guilty kasi invasion of privacy ika nga ang ginawa nito kasi)

Devon: Hey, you opened my phone? Hmmmmnnnn ano tinext mo sa kanya ha? (Pabirong duda ni Devon sa kanya)

Kibit balikat lang si James at pinapatuloy yung pagkain. Di na rin nangulit si Devon kasi ayaw niyang magbahiran na naman ng tension ang pag-uusap nilang dalawa. Nagmamadali na si Devon kumain para makaligo na kasi ayaw niyang malate sa photoshoot. James did the dishes when Devon was taking a quick shower.

Nagmamadaling mag ready si Devon after taking a bath. Sumunod na din si James at bago maligo at habang nakatapis lang ito ng towel ay nilabas nito si Devon.

Napasinghap si Devon sa nakita. Ang sexy tingnan ni James sa ganung ayus. Bigla itong namula at pasulyap sulyap na lang tiningnan si James.

James: Baby, I’m taking you to your photoshoot ok. Wait for me. I’ll take a quick shower lang.

Devon: Ok (pero di nito matingnan si James)

James: (Napansin ni James ang uneasiness ni Devon kaya kinulit niya ito at nilapitan) Why aren’t you looking at me? Ha?

Devon: James, behave ok. I’ll be late. Maligo ka na (halatang umiiwas ito kay James)

James: Why Baby? Are you affected by my presence huh? (nilalandi na ni James si Devon at idinikit ang almost naked body niya kay Devon)

Umiwas agad si Devon at lumayo kay James.

Devon: James, behave! Eeeewwww!!!!!

Habang lumalayo si Devon, sinusugod naman siya ni James. Sa kakulitan ng dalawa ay biglang natanggal ang tapis na tuwalya ni James at mas tumili si Devon sabay pikit ng mga mata!

Pero yun pala may boxer shorts ito sa ilalim at biniro lang sa Devon. Sobra ang tawa ni James kasi nakita niya ang panic sa mukha ni Devon.

Devon: I hate you! (Sabay hampas ng malakas na malakas kay James)

James: Ouch! That hurts! (Bumakat yung kamay ni Devon kung saan niya nahampas si

James. Mukhang napalakas nga talaga ang hampas ni Devon kasi sobrang pula nito)

Nabahala si Devon kaya nilapitan nito si James at sinipat yung namumulang braso nito. Yun ang pagkakataong hinintay ni James at biglang sinungaban ng halik nito si Devon na gulat na gulat. Ayaw pakawalan ni James si Devon hanggang naubusan na silang dalawa ng hininga.

Devon: James, you’re really crazy. Go take a bath na. Faster please. (Halata pa rin ang gulat at pag-iwas ni Devon)

James: You’re avoiding me Baby. Aren’t you... wanna join me again in the shower Baby? (At sinabayan pa ito ng malanding kindat)... Baby, I’m waiting....

Devon: Heh! Umayos ka! Maligo ka na! Bilis! (At tinutulak na ni Devon si James papasok sa banyo at sinarado ang pintuan).

Humuling hirit pa si James at biglang inilabas ang ulo lang niya sa pinto sabay sigaw...

James: Baby, let’s take a bath together....... (sabay hagis ng boxer shorts niya kay Devon)

Devon: Eeeewwww! Kadiri ka talaga! (At mabilis na lumabas si Devon sa room ni James.)

Chapter 28:

ABS-CBN meeting room: The 2010 PBB Team Clash

Direk: Guys (referring to the RMs of James and Devon), the pact or the rules is off. When your alagas will go back sa PBB house for a week for the preparation of KimBang’s wedding, they can be themselves na. With what I saw on picture, the chemistry is still there. Actually, it’s burning like hell.

Biglang naging teary-eyed ang dalawang RM. At tuluyang napa-iyak na.

Direk: What’s wrong? Why are you guys crying?

Staff: Eh kasi Derek, nahihirapan na din sila sa sinapit ng mga alaga nila. Ang gulo kasi nung pinilit na pinaghiwalay yung dalawa. Lalo na yung RM ni James. Muntik ng ayawan yung alaga niya.

RM-J: Eh kasi naman po, kawawa din yan. Di na bumalik yung dating sigla eh. Muntik na nga bumalik sa Australia. (Sabay singhot)

Tapos pinag-usapan na nila yung mga nangyari at ano ang concept sa pag-pasok ng mga ito sa bahay. Pati yung wedding ng KimBang sa Boracay. And the discussion continues.


Inihatid ni James si Devon sa venue ng photoshoot. Bago sila makarating sa venue ay nag-uusap sila or rather James is giving commands to Devon and she was not given a choice to say no.

James: Baby, from this day forward, it’s gonna be us again ok.

Devon: But James, what about our contract?

James: I know about that. I have a plan. I’m talking to Mr. M later and I’ll ask him to consider us. To let us be. I think we have suffered enough.

Devon: I don’t know what to do.

James: Just leave it to me. If in case they won’t accept us then I think I have no choice but to take you to Australia with me. (He turned serious and faced Devon. Good thing it was a stop light)

James: Seriously, if thinks won’t be on our side, I’m talking to your family and I’m bringing you with me to Australia.

Napa-isip bigla si Devon. He’ll bring me to Australia pero paano? Mas naguguluhan si Devon. Pero sabi niya sa isip niya, bahala na muna. Nag ok na lang si Devon kay James.

Nakarating na rin sila sa venue and James didn’t go down of the car kasi may meeting pa siya sa ibang lugar for a product endorsement. Bago bumaba si Devon sa kotse, biglang hinawakan ni James ang kamay niya and gave her a kiss. It’s a kiss that’s branding her his. And she understood it.

Pumasok na si Devon sa venue at bitbit ang long sleeve ni James. Nag window down si James.

James: I’m fetching you later ok. Text me when you’re almost done. I’ll be around the place by then.

Devon: Ok. Drive safely. Bye.

Pagdating ni Devon sa loob ng room kung saan gaganapin ang photoshoot ay nandun na si Fretzie, Yen and Jenny. They’re still waiting for Tricia and Ann. Diretso na agad sa hair and make-up si Devon matapos makipag beso kay Jenny and Yen. Si Fretzie ay nasa CR pa that time pala.

While having her hair and make-up, lumapit at nag beso si Fretzie kay Devon. Nagyakapan ang mag BFF.

Devon: Oi sorry wa ko kauli gabi-e ha. Gahuwat ka ug dugay?
(Translation: Oi sorry at di ao naka-uwi kagabi. Naghintay ka ba ng matagal?

Fretzie: Ok ra. I understand. Sure man gyud ko na di ka buy-an ni James ba kay he was so desperate na magkastorya daw mo. Unya kumusta man?
(Trans: Ok lang. I understand. Sure namanao na di ka papakawalan ni James kasi he was so desperate na makapag-usap daw kayo. Tapos, kumusta naman?

Devon: Hay sus Bes, pwerte kapuya oi.
(Trans: Hay nako Bes, sobrang nakakapagod.)

Namula si Fretzie. And napansin ni Devon. Nahampas ni Devon si Fretzie lightly.

Devon: Hoy! Unsay imong gihunahuna ha... Di na mao oi. Kapoy kay daghan mi giestoryahan ba. Basta Bessie ambot oi. Bahala na lang gyud Batman aning kahimtanga ba.
(Trans: Hoy, Ano yung iniisip mo ha.. Di ganun ano. Kapagod kasi maram kaming pinag-uusapan. Basta Bessie ewan ko talaga. Bahala na talaga si Batman sa sitwasyon na ito).

Fretzie: What? Unsa ba na wa bya ko gisulti (but she still flashes
the kinikilig na smile until she noticed the bracelet on Devon’s wrist.)
(Trans: Wha? Ano ba? Wala naman akong sinabi ah)

Fretzie: Wow Bes, this is nice. From Jade ba ni? And how sweet JADE – Better Together!

Devon: Secret sa Bes ha, that’s from James. (And kinwento na ni Devon kay Fretzie on how James gave her the bracelet)

Biglang may song na tumugtog: Better Together by Jack Johnson. It’s coming from a cellphone. The song keeps on playing and lahat ng nandun ay nagtataka kung kaninong phone ang tumutunog.

Fretzie: Bes, I think imong phone na ang gatingog.
(Trans: Bes, I think phone mo ang tumutunog.)

Devon: Ha? Dili oi, di man na mao ako ringing tone. (But nevertheless still take a look at her cellphone and indeed it’s hers and the ringing tone is coming from James’ number)
(Trans: Ha? Hindi ah, di man yang ang ringing tone ko)

Devon: Hello? (Tinakpan yung mouthpiece para di malakas ang boses) What did you do to my phone and why does it have a new ringing tone?

James: You like it Baby? Hahaha... the song is Better Together....and we are Better Together.

Devon: Hay nako ikaw talaga! O bakit ka napatawag?

James: Wala lang. Just want to surprise you with that ringing tone. That’s all. Bye for now. Remember, it’s always better when we’re together (at sinabayan pa ito ng kanta until nag hang up na si James)

Devon: Sira talaga yun.

And Fretzie that time, kinikilig na sobra at kinantahan pa si Devon. Nakikikanta na rin si Devon and pati yung make-up artist nila kumanta na din sa kantang yun.

Yeah, it’s always better when we’re together
Mmm, we’re somewhere in between together
Well, it’s always better when we’re together
Yeah, it’s always better when we’re together

Chapter 29:

The photoshoot is for the annual star magic magazine/Metro Magazine. The PBB Teen Clash girls’ photoshoot concept is sexy boyish look. They were all required to bring 1 oversized men’s long sleeve polo and boxer shorts. The venue was in a hotel room. The girls were having smokey eyes make-up to give them an edgy and funky look. All shots were in group.

Ann came in late for make-up. She was with her RM na ang mukha ay hindi na maipinta at halatang sobrang inis. Devon and Fretzie are sharing one RM and she was there as well and is talking to the director of the shot.

After Ann made beso-beso to all the girls and finally she made beso to Devon. Deep inside medyo kinabahan din siya na makaharap si Ann kasi she knows that something was not right between the three of them.

Ann: Hi Devon.

Devon: Hello Ann (sabay beso)

Napansin agad ni Ann ang bracelet ni Devon.

Ann: Oh, your bracelet is so nice. Tiffany’s? (Sabay sipat sa bracelet ni Devon at nakita nito yung naka engrave sa likod na JADE – Better Together. Ewan ni Devon but she saw that Ann smile faded when she saw what was engraved on the bracelet.)

Ann: (thinking) Oh my God. This is the same Tiffany bracelet that James was asking about in Rustans. (Magkasama kasi sila ni James that time and it was when James asked the Tiffany personnel if engraving is possible. Somehow she even wished that time that James will give her one but again it’s for Devon. She needs to find out. She has to find out.)

Ann: From your fans? (trying to fish information from Devon).

Devon just smiled. But deep inside her, bumibilis na talaga ang tambol ng dibdib niya.

Ann: Your fans are so sweet.

Ann noticed also the polo that Devon is using is like that of James. Maybe coincidence lang (yun ang gustong paniwalaan ni Ann) She chose to keep quite about it muna.

The photoshoot started. The 1st batch was Jenny, Yen and Tricia and 2nd batch are Ann, Devon and Fretzie.

When it was the 2nd batch’s turn to do the photoshoot, biglang nalanghap ni Ann ang familiar scent ni James kasi kadikit niya masyado si Devon and that is when she was able to confirm that indeed the polo that Devon is using is from James.

From that moment on, she wanted to cry and just want to get out of there. But upon looking at the not so happy face of her RM, she chose to stay and compose herself. She’ll deal with all of this once this job is done.

Since the photoshot does not require them to be sweet and smiley, the true feeling of Ann for that moment was so right for the concept of the shot.

Photographer: Ok 1 hour break ladies before we will have a group shot.

Mabilis na tumayo si Ann sa pwesto niya and went straight to grab her bag. She needs to get out of there to calm herself. She needs to calm herself. She headed to the smoking area.

Devon was observing Ann and she knew that she noticed the polo she’s wearing. James always has a distinct scent of his clothes. And for whatever reason that the polo she’s using has a strong smell of James. It’s like sadyang winisikan talaga ng paboritong pabango ni James. Sa isang banda ay tipid na napangiti si Devon kasi wearing James’ polo is like being embraced by his strong arms.

Kiddo! You there? Pick-up! Kiddo! You there? Pick-up!

Devon: Kuya Ayven! (She excitedly answered the phone) Whatzup?

Ivan: How’s your photoshoot Kiddo?

Devon: Hindi pa tapos. We’re on our break pa lang.

Ivan: What time do you think you’ll be done?

Devon: Siguro 1 to 2 hours pa.

Ivan: Ok. By the way, I’m near the venue. I’ll drop by and let’s have coffee later.

Devon: Sure. Call you later. Ingat.

And duon lang naalala ni Devon na James pala is fetching her. Patay! Bahala na ulit si Batman!

Photographer: Ok ladies, get ready.

Chapter 30:

The 2nd set of the photoshoot lasted after an hour and half. Nagmamadali na si Devon mag ligpit kasi nag text na si Ivan na he’s waiting na sa coffee shop ng hotel. Fretzie didn’t join them na kasi may VJ stint si Bret sa MOA that time and hahabol pa si Fretzie kasi special guest din siya. The other girls went on their separate ways as well kasi may mga raket pa ang mga ito. Ann wanted to talk to Devon but chose to go with her RM for a meeting and decided to talk to James soon instead.

Pagdating ni Devon sa coffee shop ay nandun na si Ivan looking so hunky in his denim pants and white long sleeve shirt na nakatupi ang mga sleeves. He’s currently tinkering in his cellphone kaya di niya nakita si Devon na dumating.

Devon naman on the other hand decided to still wear James’ long sleeve shirt. Since it’s way too big for her, tinalian na lang niya ng belt and she is wearing mini-skirt. Habang nagbibihis, naalala niya yung nangyari sa bahay ni Kuya before when James noticed that she’s wearing mini-skirt. Napangiti si Devon on remembering those thoughts. Actually, kinikilig pa.

Kasi sobrang nagconcentrate si Ivan sa ginagawa niya at di nito napansin ang pagdating ni Devon kasi nakatalikod ito sa kanya. Palihim na nilapitan ni Devon is Ivan at biglang tinakpan ang mga mata nito ng mga kamay niya sabay hinalikan ito sa pisngi.

Nagulat man si Ivan sa biglang pagsulpot ni Devon but alam nito na iisang tao lang ang gumagawa sa kanya ng ganun kaya napangiti na lang ito at hinawakan ang mga kamay ni Devon na nakatakip sa mga mga mata niya at ibinaba sa mga balikat niya at hinawakan ang mga kamay ni Devon sa kaliwang kamay niya at ang kanang kamay ay pina-ikot sa likod ni Devon at papunta agad sa beywang nito para kilitiin. Sa lakas ni Ivan ay natrap si Devon at tuluyan ng napatili dahil sa pagkiliti ni Ivan. Mayamaya pa ay tumayo na si Ivan at bineso si Devon sabay yakap.

Nag-order na si Devon at simula na silang mag-usap ni Ivan.

Ivan: Kiddo, I thought you said you want to borrow long sleeves from me. I’m glad you got one already. Tagal mo nag reply sa text ko kagabi. I’m sure low batt again.

Devon: (Nakunsensya man that she turned off her cellphone, di na rin pina-alam ni Devon kay Ivan yun. What he won’t know won’t hurt him). Oo nga. Lowbatt again. I forgot to charge kasi.

Buti na lang di na nagtanong si Ivan kung saan siya nakahiram ng long sleeve. Ivan started asking her of what happend last night.

Devon trusted Ivan all her life kaya din a rin niya nagawang magsinungaling dito about what happend last night.

As the two were talking seriously, ay siya namang pagdating ni James at nakita niya ang dalawa na seryosong nag-uusap and no matter how he fights it but he still gets affected by special relationship these two are sharing.

Biglang nag flashback yung nangyari sa kanila after nung Star Magic Ball 5 years ago....

Chapter 31:

James is witnessing something that’s really breaking his heart. Nakita niyang hinatid ni Ivan si Devon sa bahay ng huli at right before his eyes, he saw that the two individual at the doorstep tightly hugging each other and Ivan cupped Devon’s face and he was saying something to her and their faces are so close to each other kasi nakatingala si Devon samantalang naka tungo naman si Ivan. James had to close his eyes kasi he cannot afford to see what will happend next.

Ivan: (While cupping Devon’s face and Devon is hugging him) Kiddo, from now on, I’ll protect you from all the people who will hurt you. From now on, I’ll guard you from those people who will attempt to ruin you. From now this day forward, I’ll be your shadow and your shield.

Tuluyan nang tumutulo ang luha ni Devon sa mga sinasabi ni Ivan. Ivan wiped the tears on her face and was fighting so much on the urge of kissing this girl in front of him and instead he kissed her on the forehead and hugged her tightly. The two decided to go inside the house after that scene.

James is hyperventilating and is really having a hard to breath. When he closed his eyes, he didn’t know that he cried until he felt something wet on his hand. It’s his tears. Nakakubli si James sa tagong bahagi na malapit sa bahay nila Devon and he is sure that Ivan kissed her. He’s angry. He’s furios. And he’s hurting so much. He was trying to pacify himself... to calm himself and to stop himself from crying but it seems that he’s no longer the commander of his body because his tears just won’t stop flowing.

James’ original plan was to talk to Devon at home. Nung nakita niyang paalis na sina Bret and Fretzie kasama sina James and Devon. Although Bret is staying in the hotel but he chose to take Fretzie home first and he’ll come back to the hotel later. Fretzie rode with Bret this time and Ivan took care of Devon. He wanted to ask Ivan if he can take Devon home but before he can ask, they were gone already. So even if he is staying in the hotel, he went out and decided to go to Devon’s place instead.

He was determined to talk to her but everything changes when with what he witnessed a while ago. He needs to get out of there. He needs to drive fast. And he did.

Chapter 32:

After that incident, he became so busy in promoting the Teenternational Movie and Devon, Ivan and Fretzie on the otherhand went to Davao to shoot their teleserye. James is confused and jealousy is eating him when the thought that Devon and Ivan are in Davao together. What if she will fall for him? What if she will give him a chance? What if he can no longer get her back? He tried to talk to his RM that he’ll take some rest and his plan is to go to Davao to visit Devon but his schedule won’t permit him.

He tried to send text to Devon but would end up deleting it.

Bret: (Thru text): Dude, where are you? Let’s have a boys night out tonight. The girls are having one so we better have one too.

James: (Thru text): Sure Dude, where?

Bret gave James the details and they decided to meet up in one of the bars in Makati. Almost all of them were there. James intentionally went there late so some reason that he’s just keeping to himself.

He saw that Ryan and Joe were there and walang humpay ang kulitan pa rin ng dalawa. Both were cracking a joke to them and then his gazed went to someone he wanted to confront for the last 2 months. Ivan.

Ivan saw James approaching their table. They shook hands and he knows that the way James shook his hand meant something. But the cool Ivan just brushed it off and enjoyed the bonding with the boys.

All of them there were talking about their PBB days.

Di na rin nakatiis si James kaya he approached Ivan to ask him about Ivan and Devon.

James: Dude, can we talk?

Ivan: Sure. About what?

They went outside of the bar and went to the balcony so that it will be less noisy.

Ivan: Watzup Dude?

James: (Taking a deep breath) What’s your status with Devon?

Ivan: What do you mean status?

James: Are you guys an item now?

Ivan didn’t answer but just gave a sly smile.

James: What?

Ivan: What if we are? (Parang naghahamong sabi ni Ivan)

Natahimik si James. Is he really ready to accept it?

Chapter 33:

Ivan was waiting for James’ answer.

James: Are you? (Trying to confirm it from Ivan).

Nasukatan ng tatag ang dalawa. Naghintayan ng sagot.

Ivan: What if we are? (Ulit na tanong ni Ivan kay James)

Hurt and defeat defines the facial expression of James and Ivan saw it.

James: Why? I thought you’re my friend. You know my feelings for her.

Ivan: But she’s hurting when she’s with you.

James: You know that I love her man.

Ivan: No doubt about that but look man, she never had peace when she’s with you. People who worshipped you bashed her like she somekinda... (Ivan can’t even finished his statement because he’s just too damn angry on the though that some people can hurt someone like that even they don’t know her personally)

That statement made James angry because he knows na mababalikan din siya sa mga ganung pangyayari. But no matter how he explains to these fans to spare Devon but some just won’t listen. Sa loob-loob ni James, something has to be done to these bashers.

Ivan: What about you and Ann? What’s the status between the two of you?

James just shrugged his shoulders.

Ivan: Is that a confirmation that you two are still together?

James: I don’t know dude. We have fans and they want us to be us but I want to be with Devon. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Ann but it’s just that it’s different with Devon. (James said it with a smile and suddenly went back to his serious mode).

James: You haven’t answered my question. Are you guys an item now?

Ivan: Hmmmnnn, let’s just say we are having a special bond. I must admit that I like her. I have liked her since then but I respected the two of you so I backed off. But it seems that she was not well taken cared of so I decided to put matters into my own hands.

James: And what do you mean by that?

Ivan: I’m pursuing her man.

Biglang nagpang-abot ang kilay ni James at namula ng tuluyan.

James: I’m getting her back!

Ivan: Very well then. Like true gentleman, may the best man win? (Paghahamon na sabi ni Ivan kay James)

Ngitngit na ngitngit na si James kay Ivan. Infact, gusto na niya itong upakan pero nagpipigil siya.

James tried to calm himself.

James: God! Are we going to break our friendship because of this stupid thing huh? (Namumula pa rin si James sa galit)

Ivan: It might all be worth it Dude. (Matatag na sabi ni Ivan)

Natampal ni James ang noo nito sa inis.

James: Can’t you just give us chance? They’re making it hard for us? Are you making it hard for us as well? Man, I thought you’re my friend! (Medyo may kalakasan na ang boses ni James sa pagkakataong ito).

Ivan took a deep breath and said: Where were you after the ball? She waited for your call or even a single text but nothing! You didn’t communicate with her.

James: What?

Ivan: She waited. When I took her home that night, she has decided to talk to you. She decided to go with you. To be with you but you never called. We went to Davao but still we haven’t heard from you. Don’t really know if it’s because of the poor signal in the place where we were staying or you just didn’t communicate with her. (Medyo tumaas na din ang boses ni Ivan. Actually wala naman talaga silang pinag-usapan ni Devon at di pa rin niya naamin kay Devon ang plano niya. Nasabi lang niya yun kanina sa inis niya kay James).

James: (Again taking a deep breath and trying to calm himself) I went to see her that night and I saw you guys kissing... (His voice is starting to crack).

Ivan: We what?

James: Don’t pull my leg man but admit it. I saw you guys kissing. (James’ hand turned into a fist)

Ivan: We did what? We kissed? (At biglang tumawa ng malakas si Ivan).

James: Why are you laughing? (Naiinis na sambit ni James)

Ivan: Man, you’re one jealous freak. Ofcourse we didn’t kiss. How can I kiss someone who’s in love with someone else?

James: What? You didn’t kiss? But I saw you cupped her face and you were so close to each other. Damn!

Ivan: I kissed her alright... I kissed her forehead you fool! (At sinabayan nito ng nakakalokong tawa)

James: What? You didn’t honestly kiss?

Ivan: You’re one hell crazy dude! (Tumatawa pa rin) I was trying to comfort her but as much as I wanted to do what you’re thinking but I respect her man and I respect you.

James: But I saw you guys kissing really.

Ivan: Did you really see us?

Then James remembered what he did before. When he saw that Ivan was supposed to kiss Devon, he closed his eyes.

James suddenly burst out laughing.

James: WTF! You guys didn’t kiss! (Sounded so happy) I get it, I was in shock that time and I speculated. (At biglang pabirong tinampal si Ivan) It’s all your fault!

Ivan: What? What did I do? How can you say it’s my fault.

James: (Still smiling) Dude, the way you we’re dancing with her that night and the way you were hugging... God! You got me fooled! I succumbed to jealousy that’s why I didn’t communicate with her. Why didn’t you tell me?

Ivan: Tell you? Why should I? (Said in an amused voice)

James: (Turned serious) Oh God, what have I done? I hurt her that much didn’t I?

Ivan: Honestly yes. But on the brighter side, she chose her family for her career instead of you. That was the sign she was looking for when you didn’t communicate with her.

It made James sad. At the back of his mind, he has to make up for this. He has to do something about it. He needs to fix it.

James: Help me on this man.

Ivan: Dude, maybe now is not the right time. You settle your problem first with Ann and your career. Maybe you just need to postpone whatever you want for the two of you. Her family needs her job. Give it to her.

James: I don’t know if I can wait that long man.

Kibit balikat na lang ang isinagot ni Ivan. At biglang humirit ito na...

Ivan: James, this time I’ll concede again for the sake of our friendship but if you’ll hurt her again, friendship be damned but I’m marking her mine. (Pagbabantang sabi ni Ivan kay James).

Nagsukatan ng tingin ang dalawa and like a true gentleman, they sealed the deal with a strong handshake.

Chapter 34:

Ivan: Oh there goes your loverboy! (Sabay turo kay James and waved at him)

Devon: Gago ka talaga! (Sabay palo kay Ivan!)

Ivan: Ouch! That hurts grabeeeh (Ivan mode)

Nagkatawanan ang dalawa at hinintay si James na sumali sa table nila. Pagka-upo ni James sa tabi ni Devon, nag hand shake sila ni Ivan at sinabayan ng tango. From Devon’s end, it was just a plain gesture of two gentlemen greeting each other. But for James and Ivan, it was reminding each other of their agreement or rather the challenge and bargain done 5 years ago.

To lighten up the mood, pinansin ni James na naka mini-skirt si Devon. At sinigundahan din ni Ivan on reminiscing the PBB days on the first time Devon was wearing a mini-skirt and James noticed it. Namumula na sa hiya si Devon pero feeling niya na humaba ang buhok niya at umabot na naman sa Davao sa haba! At syempre pag may kulitan, may sampalan na naman at pareho ang dalawang magigiting na mga lalaki na nakatikim ng Devon Slap! Di magkawalay ang ouch ng dalawa.

James: Nice shirt. (Tukoy niya sa ginagamit ni polo ni Devon).

Ivan who’s clueless that the polo is from James could only agree.

Devon: Yeah. May taste ang nahiraman ko ng polong ito. Magaling pumili. (Sabay kindat at bungisngis ni Devon)

Ang lakas ng tawa ni James that time. Nahawa na din sa tawanan ang dalawa and nawala na ang tension kanina nung dumating si James. Para lang ulit silang nag-uusap sa loob ng bahay particularly sa poolside when the 3 of them started talking.

1 message received: Story conference and contract signing tomorrow at 10 am @ abs-cbn for the special coverage of Ryan and Jenny’s wedding. Please confirm availability. Thanks. – PBB Team Clash Secretariat

Lahat sila nakakatanggap ng text na iyon at lahat sila nag reply.

1 message received: James can we talk? (From Ann)

James took a deep breath and sigh. Hinawakan ang sentido at started answering Ann’s text.

James: Ok. I’ll see you tonight.

Ann: Where? And what time.

James: I’ll fetch you at 8 pm.

Ann: Ok. I miss you.

James just deleted the text and never answered. He decided to be true to himself now and felt that he sacrificed a lot already with his feelings for Devon and along the way, he has greatly hurt Ann’s feeling as well. He’s going to make things right this time...whatever it takes and however people will take it.

Chapter 35:

James took Devon home after the afternoon coffee with Ivan. Ivan excused himself since he has a pictorial that night. Ivan is no longer active in the acting scene but he still do hosting jobs in ASAP and do production number. He is concentrating more on hosting events and modelling both in print-ad and ramp these days. His billboards can be seen in EDSA. He’s one of the top endorsers of Bench. Actually James is also an endorser and so as Devon and the rest of the Big 6.

Before they part ways, Ivan gave Devon a big hug and patay malisya na lang si James sa nakikita para di siya masaktan.

Ivan whispered something to Devon: Kiddo, take it easy ok. Remember what I told you, if he hurts you again, there’s no more turning back. No more another chance and this time, we will do it my way.

Tumatango lang si Devon sa sinasabi ni Ivan.

James on the otherhand that time knew that Ivan was up to something. Nagpang-abot na ang kilay ng Jaime. Lalo na nung nakitang may binubulong is Ivan kay Devon. The scene is too cheesy for him and on other circumstances ok lang sa kanya if it’s someone else but no his Devon. He repeated it in his mind... NOT HIS DEVON!

James: We need to go, in a few minutes, it’s gonna be so traffic going to Caloocan.

Nagmamadali na si Devon sa pagkuha ng mga gamit niya. Si James and Ivan ay nagsukatan na ng tingin because both are aware of what they discussed 5 years ago.

While on their way home, di na rin nakatiis si James and he asked Devon kung ano ang binulong ni Ivan sa kanya kanina. Devon can sensed that James is not comfortable with her friendship with Ivan. Several times during their “relationship” that they would end up arguing because of Devon’s closeness to Ivan.

Napabalik tanaw si Devon on what happend before when James’ being seloso was making things complicated between the man she loves and the person she so close with and can never give-up.

James: Why do you always have to consult Ivan on everything? (He said in a not kalmado na tinig)

Devon: Baby, please understand. Ivan is a good friend of mine. I trust him so much.

James: Why? Don’t you trust me? Why can’t you tell it to me?

Devon: Becuase... I’m sorry I just can’t explain it.

James: You can’t explain it or you just don’t like to explain it. Fine! Go talk to him. Be with him! And forget about me! (Sabay walk-out at pinaharurut ang sasakyan away from Devon’s place)

Pilit mang humabol ni Devon kay James pero di na niya ito naabutan. Nangigil na lang si Devon sa inis niya kay James. If there’s one thing that she hates on James attitude is his being seloso to Ivan. And he still doesn’t know how to control it.

She tried calling him on the phone but he won’t answer. She’s so worried because James can tend to be reckless on the rode at times when he’s mad.

Devon: Pick-up the phone please. Tubaga tawon akong tawag. S**t! Grrrrrr!!!! Haaay!!!! James, tubag na intawon.

Still James is not picking up the phone so she decided to send him a message instead.

Devon: Baby, please drive safely. I know you’re mad but remember that if something happens to you, I’ll be very sad. Please call me. Love you much By....

After 20 minutes, Devon’s phone was ringing and it was James who’s on the other line.

Devon: Baby????

James: I’m home now. Safe and sound (still sounded sarcastic)

Devon: By, please don’t be mad na. Friend mo rin naman din si Ivan di ba. Promise, friend ko lang din si Ivan. He’s like a big brother to me.

Di sumagot si James sa kabilang linya.

Devon: By... (silence still on other line) By naman....

James: Got to go. I still have an early meeting tomorrow.

Devon: Ok. (Sounded so sad) Good night. Luv you.

Di sumagot si James on the other line and Devon just heard the click sound which means the conversation is done.

Napaiyak na lang si Devon sa nangyari. Why can’t James understand that Ivan will always be a part of her life... of their lives...

1 message received: I love you too...I’ll be fine tomorrow. Sorry for being rude a while ago. I’m just mad and....

Gusto sanang isagot ni Devon sa text ni James kanina na jealous pero she knows na if papatulan niya ang text ni James, di sila magkakaayos. Bahala na again. She’ll just have to be more patient with this man and will really have to explain to him and let him know that Ivan for her is a Kuya! Sa halip, ito na lang sinagot ni Devon.

It’s ok Baby. I understand. Let’s forget about it. Luv you and nyt2x.

Text from James: Ayt. Luv u much.

At napangiti na lang si Devon nung naalala niya yung confrontation na yun with James.

James: Hey, why are you smiling?

Devon: Nothing. I just remembered something.

Nangulit pa rin si James.
Devon: Nothing nga eh.... hayaan mo na lang kasi. Sabay himas na sa braso ni James. This is her way of assuring James that everything will be alright.

Napangiti si James sa ginawa ni Devon.

Before they reach Devon’s place..

James: By, I’m talking with Ann tonight.

Biglang natahimik ang maingay at hyper na Devon (na hyper siya dahil Venti ang na order na kape kanina)

James: I’m settling some issues with her. I’m telling her about us tonight. She needs to know. The earlier the better.

Devon: Oh my God. Please take it easy on her ok. Oh my... (Devon just don’t know how to react and she can’t contain how she’s feeling. She’s panicking.)

James: Relax baby. (Hold her cold hands) Everything will be alright. I owe to do this. Just to be fair with her too right and so that we can finally have our freedom.

Kinakabahan pa rin si Devon sa mangyayari. Alam niya kasi that Ann might not be able to accept it. But James gave her an assurance that everything will be alright.

Worried man si Devon but she also knows that aabot din sa ganito ang lahat and it will be for the best of everyone. She’ll pray that magiging ok ang pagtanggap ni Ann sa sitwasyon.

Before she stepped out of James’ car, James told her that he like seeing her wearing his any of his stuff.

Devon admitted to James as well that she likes the feeling too. They kissed first before tuluyan ng umalis si James to talk to Ann.

Devon: Lord, please guide James sa mga gagawin niya. Touch also the heart of Ann that she’d be able to understand us all. Amen.

And she let out the heaviest sigh in her life! Whew!!!!

Chapter 36:

He buzzed and she answered the door. At instinct, she threw herself to him and was about to kiss him on the mouth but he turned his face so that her kiss will land on his cheeks.

Tear are falling down rapidly like waterfalls from the girl’s eyes and this time he can no longer afford to comfort her. He can’t be soft hearted right at this moment. For this is the moment. The moment of truth or he has to forever hold his peace.

He gently held her shoulders and asked her to stop crying. The more he asked her to stop the harder she cries.

What is his problem? Why can’t he even say sorry? Is there something to say sorry about? (Ang mga naglalarong tanong sa utak ni James)

James: Ann, please stop crying (he said calmly)

Ann: Ann... you’re now calling me Ann and you’re starting to call her Baby again huh! James what is wrong with you? (Hysterical na si Ann) What have I done to deserve all these?

James became speechless.

Ann: For 8 years... 8 long years that I am with you but still you want her back! Oh my God! How could you be so heartless?

James remained quite.

Ann: What! Aren’t going to even say something?

James took a deep breath and decided to end this once and for all.

James: Ann, I’m really sorry. From the start you already know my feelings for her. I have loved her even when we were still in Kuya’s house and I have never stopped loving her since.

Ann: But what about me James? Don’t you even love me?

James can’t even look at Ann’s eyes. He knows that he was unfair to her all these years. He remembered one of their conversations which was quite similar to this..... emotional!

James: Ann, I can’t take this anymore. I know I’m being unfair to you on this.

Ann: No Honey, it’s ok. It’s my choice. I want to take chances of our relationship. Let’s give it a chance please.

James: But that would be unfair to you. I’m in love with someone else. It isn’t just right.

Ann: (even if she’s hurting terribly but she still can’t let go of him) No, Honey listen. I’ll take care of you. I’ll let you forget about her. You can’t be together remember? She chose her family over you remember?

James didn’t say a word. He’s still confused.

Ann: Look, we’ll be going away for several months to shoot our movie and our loveteam is getting stronger and we have a lot of followers. Let’s try if this will work-out Honey.

James: What if it won’t work?

Ann became numbed on James’ question but still she won’t give up.

Ann: I’m not losing hope and I know it will work. Let’s make it work.

James: What if it won’t work? (James asked the same question the 2nd time around)

Ann: Then maybe... that’s the time we will give up... (at the back of her mind.... will she ever give-up?)

James can only shrug her shoulder. But he owed it all to Ann in taking of their relationship. She sure did try. She tried so hard to make it work. In fairness to all the effort she excerted, he found himself getting attached to her but sometimes there are just some things that no matter how you want to learn and adopt to the new way but it just not possible. Or command your mind to do what is best but then your heart refuses to listen.

And that makes life complicated... very complicated!

Back to reality....

James: Ann, before anything else... I’m so grateful to you for everything... for everything...and for being so understand and giving. I do love you also.... believe me I do! And that’s why I’m doing this. I cannot let you waste your life with me. From the start, you knew already what I felt and you said it yourself also that if things won’t work out, we will give up. I’m begging you this time, let’s give up. Let’s put an end to this and move on with our lives.

Ann couldn’t stop crying and she’s crying hard this time...

Ann: James, no please. I can’t! I don’t like to! I don’t want to! Please....

Parang pinipiga ang puso ni James on seeing Ann breakdown. He gave her a hug and tried to pacify her. The moment that Ann felt James’ arm on her, she cried even more. She was trying to draw strength from him. Para siyang nauupos na kandila sa mga rebelasyon ni James. Kahit matagal na niyang inaasahang mangyayari ito pero di niya napaghandaan na magiging ganito pala kasakit ang lahat.

All her life was all for James. She may have known that James can’t give him his 100% but she’s not losing hope because she’s optimistic that James will finally see all her efforts and things will be on her side. But mahirap pala talaga turuan ang puso.

A few minutes later, Ann was starting to calm down and silence was invading the entire room.

This is it. I lost the battle! I hate to admit but I did lose the battle! (Ang nasa isip ni Ann sa mga sandaling iyon)

She suddenly stood up and faced James.

Ann: There’s no point of this all. You can leave now.

James: Ann, let’s not part ways this way.

Ann: Please leave. (Pointing to the door)

James: Ann...

Ann: Go! Please.... faster.... please leave now.... please leave when I can still ask you to leave....

James tried to reach out to Ann to comfort her but she stopped him.

Ann: Please go. I’m begging you. Please go now... (And her tears are starting pour and bravely she’s wiping it)

James just took a deep breath and headed to the door. Before closing the door, James for the last time said sorry to Ann.

Ann didn’t move a bit until she heard the click sound at tuluyan na siyang nagbreakdown at napasalampak sa sahig sa kakaiyak.

Chapter 37:

ABS-CBN meeting room. Almost all the housemates are there. Devon has been restless since this morning when James fetched her. She asked him about Ann but all he can say was everything is well taken cared off. She asked him how’s she’s taking it. But James just kept quite.

The meeting was about to start but still there are no traces of Ann.

And the meeting started and still no Ann.

Devon doesn’t like to make a scene that’s why she just texted James who was then standing beside Ryan and laughing with his antics. She was too shy to ask Jenny so she texted James instead.

Devon: Wala pa rin si Ann.

James: Baby, it’s ok.

Devon: But what if she’s not ok.

James: Just leave it for now. I already texted her RM about it. Don’t worry Baby. Please.... stop worrying now.

Devon who is still mighty worried followed James’ instruction.

The logistics of the show was discussed now by Direk and the entourage was presented. The principal sponsors are composed of some ABS-CBN executives, senior artist and some of the parents of the housemates and some family friends of the couple. The opted not to have small kids to be their flowergirls and bearers but would let the housemates take the role.

The following are part of the entourage:

          Maid of Honor: Ann Li
          Bestman: James



           Secondary Sponsors:
                    Candle: Tricia and Joevic
                    Veil: Fretzie and Bret
                    Cord: Devon and Ivan


             Ring Bearer: Joe
             Bible Bearer: Yong
             Coin Bearer: Cahsen

Due to the many previous engagements of the housemates and it would be impossible to get all their schedules all together, so the management decided that they will still be staying in the house for 2 weeks but not exclusively.

The housemates will be helping with the logistics of the wedding preparation and at the same time, they will also be rehearsing for the special numbers during the wedding.

The wedding will take place in Boracay and it’s going a week long celebration including the parties that will be held in Manila before the wedding.

Some of the house rules will be applied but some are also bended. There will be livestream but it will not be shown on primetime but will be given 1 week TV special that will be shown on primetime. A lot of company sponsored the event. Even Endemol since this is infact the very first publisized wedding of 2 housemates.

The schedules are set and everyone was informed of their tasks and schedules.

And until the meeting was over, there were still no traces of Ann.

Chapter 38:

It may not be visible on James’ face that he’s also worried that Ann is not around but deep inside him, he’s silently wishing that Ann is really well.

Jenny: James, would you know where Ann is? I tried texting her but she’s not answering. Her phone is out of reach also.

James: She’s not answering my text as well.

Jenny: Is she alright?

James just kept quite.

Jenny: James, have you guys talked already? She noticed something strange already. (The strange that Jenny’s referring to is the JADE affair)

James took a deep breath and carefully told Jenny what happend last night. He knows that Jenny and Ann really good friends and he’s hoping that Jenny can help Ann get back on her knees and would be able to move on.

Jenny might be Ann’s closest friend and even if she wants to support whatever Ann wants but she’s not agreeable to her feelings towards James. She can feel that James is not over Devon at ilang beses na rin nitong sinubukang sabihan si Ann na tigilan na ang kahibangan nit okay James ay nirerespeto naman nito ang kagustuhan ng kaibigan.

Jenny: I hope she’s ok. The moment I’ll hear from her, don’t worry James, I’ll text you. But I’m glad you talked to her and settled with her already. It’s been years....

James: I know Jenny. I know. Please do keep me posted on it. And Jenny, (sabay yakap kay nito), thank you.

Jenny hugged James back and smiled.

Ryan: Hey! Clazy woman! Who are you hugging huh! Oh! Why are you hugging my friend Jems ha! Com’mon gib me a hug too! Here (pointing to his butt)

Jenny: You crazy monkey! (Sabay sabunot sa buhok ni Ryan. At nagkukulitan na naman sila).

Napangiti na lang si James sa magsing-irog.

Samantala, sa isang sulok naman ng kwarto ay seryosong nag-uusap si Devon at Fretzie. Worried pa rin si Devon sa kalagayan ni Ann at para na siyang mabubuang sa kakaisip kung ano na kaya ang nangyari sa huli.

Taimtim na nag-uusap ang dalawa nang sumabay sa usapan nila si Ivan. Walang nagawa ang dalawa ang kundi ibahin ang topic para di na magkaroon ng tension. Little did they know but natunugan na pala ni Ivan ang pinag-uusapan nila at dahil sa alam naman niya ang mga pangyayari ay di maiiwasang mag-aalala din ito kay Ann na sinarili lang nito.

Later on they were joined by Bret and James at kitang kita ang pagiging possessive ni James kay Devon kasi pumwesto agad ito sa tabi nito at kulang na lang bakuran nito ang huli kasi nga nakikita nito na nandyan si Ivan. Hanggang ngayon ay tumatatak pa rin sa isipan ni James ang sabi ni Ivan dun sa gentleman’s agreement nila.

Nagkayayaan ang mga housemates na nandun pa na manuod ng sine at dahil nakalipat na rin si Devon sa condo ni Fretzie so nakakasama na siya sa lakaran at hindi na rin papayag si James na di siya makakasama.

Medyo ilang pa rin si Devon na ipakita sa public ang closeness nila ni James at malimit na pasimple niyang sinusulyapan lagi ang kanyang RM at pagnakita niyang tumitingin ito sa kanila ay umiiwas siya kay James kasi natatakot siyang mapagalitan. Hindi pa ipinaalam ng mga RMs nila ang bagong kasunduan alisunod na rin sa bilin ng management.

Chapter 39:

Boy: Whatzup?

Girl: Huh?

Boy: How are you?

Girl: Bad.

Boy: Need help?

Girl: Would you?

Boy: Wru?


The wedding preparations of KimBang was in placed. The 2 weeks started today and the housemates brought their stuff to the PBB House for the preparation and all fans are anxiously waiting for what will happen when they’re inside the house again. Since it’s a KimBang affair, most of the cameras are set on the couple.

Ivan and Devon went to house ahead of James because James still has to shoot a commercial so as Bret and Fretzie who are still on mall tour.

Nothing much has changed in the house even the kulitan of the housemates. DeVan are in their usual selves so as the other housemates. James is not so comfortable that Devon will stay in the house ahead of him especially on the thought that Ivan will be there too. He wanted to exchange places with Ivan as well on the entourage but decided not to do it because it’s too immature. Not that he not sure of Devon’s love for him but he hasn’t gotten over the gentleman’s agreement between him and Ivan. And plus the fact that his relationship with Devon is still not a public knowledge. And since the day that the entourage of KimBang was announced, there have been many requests for DeVan tandem and it seems that Management is for it… so he thought…

James is determined that this time he is going to do what pleases him which means showing his true feelings to Devon. He wanted them to be how they were used to be 8 years ago. He misses those PBB massages and power hugs. He couldn’t wait to get in the house.

James: (Text message) Hey Baby, whatzup?

Devon: D2 lang sa haus By. What about you? Still in the commercial shoot?

James: Yeah. I miss you.

Devon: I miss you too.

James: Really?

Devon: Ofcourse. Hmmmnnnn what’s that?

James: I’m just wondering if you really miss when your KUYA AYVEN is with you there.

Devon: Baby! Stop it!

James: Really? Seriously!

Devon: Haaay nako sayo Mr. Reid. You’re acting like a jealous boyfriend...

James: I am your boyfriend and yeah I’m a jealous boyfriend!

Di na nakatiis si Devon at tinawagan na niya si James. She’s worried kung saan na naman mapupunta ang usapang ito.

James didn’t answer right away. But on the other end, he wasn’t so serious about he said to Devon and infact his laughing his ass out because she can picture how panicky Devon be feeling as of the moment.

After 7 rings...

James: What?

Devon: By? Why are angry?

James: (Still in a mad voice) Why would I be?

Devon is getting really worried. After Ryan and Jenny’s wedding, she will really suggest it to James to enrol in an anger management for him to learn to control his feelings.

Devon: By, please don’t be mad. I didn’t do anything. Kuya Ayven is someone I’m so close with and.... (and Devon continues to explain and pacify James)

James can’t take it anymore and he blurted out the loudest laugh. And Devon was so furious upon hearing it. Sobra pa man din siyang nag-alala kung ano nanaman ang nangyari kay James.

Devon: Oh my God! You really crazy! Nag explain pa man din ako ng bonggang bongga tapos... Grrrr I hate you!

James couldn’t help laughing on the other line and that made Devon more and more angry.

Devon: James Reid, I hate you. I will never ever talk to you again! Ever! (And she shut off her phone.)

James: (texted Devon) Baby....

Devon this time didn’t answer the phone. She’s really mad of what James did to her. It got her so worried at grabeh ang kaba ng dibdib nya.

James tried calling Devon but she didn’t answer. More so, she turned off her phone. James knew that his Devon is so angry and if she’s like that, she would shut-off her phone so that she won’t talk to him because James would usually have his way to pacify her.

James called Ivan asked him to give the phone to Devon. Ivan asked what happen and James told him the whole story and it got Ivan laughing so hard as well.

This time, pinagtutulungan na nina Ivan and James si Devon na siyang kinaiinis nito at nagwalk-out kay Ivan at nagkulong sa kwarto. Gusto mang suyuin ni Ivan si Devon but alam niya na it should be James who’s going to do it so he talked to James instead.

1 hour na nakalipas but di pa rin nahimasmasan si Devon at nagkukulong pa din sa kwarto ng bigla na lang bumukas ang room nila at may kamay na may bitbit na isang tangkay na white rose na winawagayway.

Kahit inis na inis si Devon pero napabulaghit siya ng tawa sa ginawa nito. Biglang naging dalawang kamay ang lumitaw at kagaya ng isa, may bitbit din ito na puting rosas! At bigla na lang may kumakantang...

Bebe, bebe, bebe, oh!

Bebe, bebe, bebe no!

Bebe, bebe, bebe, oh!

Bebe I tot ur be mayn, mayn!

Chuvachuchu, chuvachuchu

Habang kumakanta ang Ryan, sumasayaw naman sina James and Ivan para lang mapatawad na sila ng tuluyan ni Devon at no words are spoken and all well ends well kung baga.

Chapter 40:

Girl: I need you now.

Boy: Wru?

Girl: Same place. U cmng?

Boy: Jst gve me an hour.

Girl: Ok. Tnx so much.


Tuloy pa rin ang kulitan sa loob ng bahay. Finally James joined the group and by the time he went inside, para na siyang lintang nakadikit kay Devon. He cannot let any DEVAN opportunity come his way. Halata pa rin on Devon side that pilit niyang iniiwasang sobrang madikit kay James kasi natatakot siyang mapagalitan ng Management.

Some of the other housemates were there already like Joe, Joevic, Shey, Yen, Yong and the rest of the group.

Joe: Pareng Joevic, text ka ng text diyan. Ano pa? Sino ba yang ka text mo’t di ka mapalagay.

Joevic: Huh? Sandali lang Tol. May kailangan lang akong tapusin.

Joe: Whatever (maarteng sabi ni Joe)

Yong: Tol, sino ba yang ka text mo at parang VIP yan.

Tumawa lang si Joevic.

Eslove: Who is that Tol? You are busy busy. Texting texting and pindot pindot in the cellphone again and again. (At tumunog nga ulit ang cellphone ni Joevic) O ayan, pindot and pindot again. Hay nako po!

Nagkatawanan na naman ang lahat at di na tinantanan ng kantiyaw si Joevic. Maya maya konti ay umalis din ang ilan sa kanila para sa mga kailangang errands for the wedding.

James and Devon are having their moments together. Nandun sila sa kanilang favorite spot sa may sofa at back to their massage session. Bigla na lang tiningnan ni James ang camera at gaya ng ginagawa niya dati na kinausap ito.

James: Hey, ano tingin tingin mo dyan? (nag move ang camera na tila nakikipag-usap din sa huli)

Samantalang si Devon tawa lang ng tawa sa pinaggagawa ni Devon.

James: See this girl beside me. Remember her? She’s Devon... she’s my DEVON! You got that Mr. Camera.

Tinampal ni Devon si James ng pagkalakas lakas na hindi rin naman inininda ni James. Bagkus ay nagpatuloy pa rin ito sa pagsasalita.

James: Mr. Camera, she’s pretty ayt? (Tumango daw ang camer) And you know what, I’m shouting to the whole world that I love this girl! (Sa hiya ni Devon ay tinankpan nito ang bibig ni James. Pilit din tinanggal ni James ang kamay ni Devon sa bibig niya at nagpatuloy na nakikipag-usap sa camera)

James: Did you hear what I just said Mr. Camera? (The camera was focused to James’ face) I said I love this girl and I’m shouting it to the whole world! (At biglang nilakasan nito ang boses at did the unexpected that shocked Devon and rest of the housemates)

James: Mr. Camera, I am declaring that from this day forward, this girl beside me is MINE!

Sabay biglang kinabig si Devon at mariing hinalikan. Lahat ng kurot ay ginawa na ni Devon kay James at kahit anong pilit niyang makawala sa bisig ni James ay di niya na magawa. Naghiyawan na ang mga housemates na nandun. Ivan was shocked. But he smiled nevertheless.

Lahat ng Gems/Jaders/Jaevoners na nakatutuk sa LS ay nagsigawan at nangisay. Biglang bumilis ang thread sa PEX para sa kampo ng JADE, JAMLI, at sa iba pang thread related to them at pati sa Main Thread. Kako nagkakaubusan na daw ng oxygen.

Chapter 41:

Boy: Wen r u cmng bak?

Girl: B there 3 days prior to leaving...

Boy: R u ok? Seriously?

Girl: Trying to be but I’ll get by. Help me get by...

Boy: Ok. Will surely do....

Girl: See you soon.

Boy: Yup yup. I miss you.

Girl: Yeah me too...


The wedding day is fast approaching and everyone in the house are so busy with the wedding details. The prenuptial pictorials were done already. The production numbers were set. 3 days before the big event...

The housemates are in living room doing the last minute details of the wedding prep at bigla na lang nagkagulo ang lahat dahil sa lakas ng tili ni Jenny that’s coming from the kitchen.

Biglang takbo ang lahat to the kitchen and at mas lumakas pa ang tilian ng lahat. Dumating na pala sina Bret and Fretzie and pati si Ann na din. Kasama nito sina Ivan na kakarating lang din from his commercial shoot.

Medyo nag-alangang lumapit sina James and Devon kay Ann.

Niyakap ni Ivan si Devon at niyakap naman ni James si Ann. Ann seems to have recovered already since she hugged James back and she is smiling.

Nagkamay sina James and Ivan and nagkayapan na din sina Devon at Ann. Nakasmile man ang dalawa pero naaninag ang mga mumunting butil na luha sa mga mata nila. As if nothing happend and Ann was able to accept James and Devon’s relationship. Dumating at nakiyak na na din ang ibang housemates. Pinagkakaguluhan si Ann sa mga dating housemates. Nasandwich siya biglan kay Joevic at Joe.

Nagyakapan ang mag BFF na sina Fretzie at Devon at tila nawala na bigla sa mundo nung nag-uusap at nagkumustahan na ang dalawa.

Nagbonding ang mga housemates during lunch at pinadalahan pa sila ni Big Brother ng pizza and burger kaya sigawan na ang lahat.

Kulitan na naman ang Joe at Ryan at balik kwentuhan ulit sa nangyari sa pbb house back on their days.


Boy: I’m glad to see you.

Girl: Me too.


After dinner, at nagka yayaan ang mga housemates na mag night swimming. While everyone was having fun swimming ay nagkakaroon ng pagkakataon sina James and Ann to talk sa livingroom. Nakita ni Devon na nag-uusap ang dalawa kaya di na rin siya lumapit.

James: How are you?

Ann: I’m trying to be ok.

James: I’m really sorry of what happend.

Ann: Yeah it’s ok.

James: So, can we still be friends? (Hopeful pa rin si James)

Ann: Don’t worry James, I’ll get by. Life is like that right. Letting might be hard but it is better this way. I wish you and Devon the best of everything.

James: You’re a very good person Ann. I’m a jerk because I hurt you.

Di na nakakibo si Ann sa sinabi ni James. Her tears suddenly came and she never tried to stop it from falling. Actually, she didn’t know that it was pouring per se. Sa biglang pagsinghot ni Ann...

James: Hey, you’re crying again. (Sabay akbay kay Ann)

Ann was wiping her tears and she was smiling.

Ann: (Laughing) Sorry, hard habit to break I suppose.

James wiped Ann’s tears at tuluyan ng nagyakapan ang dalawa.

Sa di kalayuang banda ay may mga matang nakamasid sa nangyayari sa dalawa.


Boy: You’re crying again...

Ann: I’m sorry. Old habits?

Boy: Thought you said you’re ok already.

Ann: I am. I just got carried away.

Boy: Ok, please stop crying alright.

Ann: I’ll sure try. But hey don’t worry about it me. I’ll be fine

Boy: If you say so.... come join us now.

Chapter 42:

The housemates are having fun in the pool. Paglabas na paglabas nina Ann and James sa bahay going to the pool, medyo nagkakulitan na ang mga housemates at biglang kinabig ni Joevic si Ann sa pool patungo sa pool. Payakap nitong kinabig si Ann at sabay na silang bumagsak sa pool. Sumunod din si James na biglang hinawakan si Devon na kausap naman ni Ivan. Nabigla si Devon kasi niyakap ito ni James patungo sa pool at sumunod sila sa pagtalon ni Joevic na kasama si Ann. Ang Ryan ay di nakatiis at biglang hinila din si Jenny.

Ryan: Jenny, hey craze lady! Come! Hug me now and let’s jump like them. Come faster!

Pinagbigyan naman ni Jenny ang Ryan at feel na feel ni Ryan na yakap siya ni Jenny.

Jenny: Hey, you baboon! I thought you want me to do it like they did. (Pointing to the 2 pairs who went in first).

Ryan: Oh! Tsuri Tsuri! Let’s do it again! (And he acted surprised and like a girl)

Tawanan na naman ang mga housemates. Nagkakaingitan na at kanya kanyang hila ang mga nandun. Nagkataon na lahat ng girls ay nasa pool na at ang naiwan ay tanging si Joe na nag iinarteng ayaw daw maligo kasi nilalamig. Nagkaisa ang mga housemates na lalaki at biglang na lang binitbit at hinagis si Joe sa pool!

While everyone was having fun, nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na magkasaralinan si Devon and Ann. Nasa kitchen si Devon to get water and pumasok din si Ann to do the same. It was an awkward moment for both of them at bigla silang natahimik. Devon made the first move.

Devon: Hi Ann

Ann just smiled and took the water that Devon offered.

Devon: Can we talk?

Ann: Yeah sure.

Devon: First and foremost, I would like to say sorry for whatever trouble we have caused you. (Nagbabanta na ang mga luha ni Devon at hinayaan na niya din itong tumulo) I know how hard it is for you....

Ann: (Tumulo na rin ang luha ni Ann). It’s ok Devon. Whatever happend is part of the past. I may have not recovered completly but I’ll get by. (Biglang lumakas ang iyak ni Devon) Hey, stop crying. (Sabay alo kay Devon)

Devon: Ann, I never knew that you really have a good heart. I’m sorry if I miss judged you.

Ann: I think everybody does but hey, ok lang yan. I’m a good girl but they just didn’t know. (Ann attempted to crack a joke to Devon and to pacify her, she hugged her instead)

That was the tightest hug they shared. It was a way of saying that everything is well now. Nagkatawanan na ulit ang magkaibigan at they headed back to the pool area.

Upon seeing the 2 girls together, James coming from the back suddenly held the waist of the 2 girls and hugged them both and jumped on the pool. Biglang bigla ang dalawa at di napaghandaan ang pangyayari kaya todo tili ang dalawa while the act happend.

Matagal din natapos ang bonding ng mga housemates. Ito yung isa sa pinakamasayang mga pangyayari sa loob ng bahay. They even had a beauty contest but it was a macho gay at ang nanalo ay si Eslove. Nadadaan kasi sa pagandahan ng tag lines.

Eslove: Gud ebning ebribadi. My name is Raj Raj Saturn. Major major contestant ng PBB housemates. I thank you. (Sabay kanta ng Bad Romance using Raj Raj in the start)


Boy: I noticed that you were able to settle some score with them a while back. R u ok?

Ann: Yeah. I’m good. Never felt any better.

Boy: Wanna have coffee and talk?

Ann: Sure. Later?

Boy: Alrighty.


Joe: Takte naman pareng Joevic! Silent mode naman. Ang ingay ng cellphone mo ha!

Tumawa lang si Joevic at lumabas na din ng kwarto.

Makikita sa dilim na may dalawang nilalang na nag-uusap at nagkakape sa kitchen.

Chapter 43:

James became sober after an hour. He saw himself seated in the sand with rest of the boys. Joe was asking him of what happend and he just kept mum about it. He excused himself and went to his room, the room he is currently sharing with Ivan.

When he reached their room, Ivan is still not there. Right after his nightly rituals, that’s when Ivan came in to the room.

Nagkatinginan silang dalawa. But nobody said a word. Ivan went to the bathroom to do his nightly rituals and when he was done, James was already lying down in his bed. He is just looking at the ceiling with his hand on his forehead. Silence was still in the room.

Ivan was getting reading for bed and was about to close the light on his side...

James: Hey Dude, I’m sorry of what happend.

Ivan: What’s wrong with you Dude?

James: I don’t know. I guessed I didn’t like what I see.

Ivan: We were all having fun and you started it remember.

James: I know.

Ivan: My God Dude, if it’s gonna be like this all the time then I might really have to take her away from you.

James: You wouldn’t dare! (Medyo lumakas na ang boses ni James sa sinabi ni Ivan)

Ivan: Try me! (And paghahamon ni Ivan kay James) I told you from the start that if you will make her cry again...

James: You don’t have to do that Dude.

Ivan: Just wait and see Dude. Just wait and see. (Paghahamon pa rin ni Ivan.)

Ngitngit na ngitngit kasi ang huli sa ginawa ni James. And he wants James also to realized that walang katuturan ang init ng ulo nito lagi. He has a special feeling for Devon and not because he wants to use the situation to his advantage but as a friend he felt that if from the start, things are like this already then he cannot afford to let see her friend weep again in the future.

Lumipas na ang magdamag na ang magkaibigan ay di pa rin nagkakaintindihan.


Devon on the end was sad of what happend. She asked herself if she’ll be with James, should she give up her friendship so that James won’t be acting that way again. Or can she even afford to give up her friendship with Ivan.

Devon can’t help but cry silently and she prayed intensely to ask for guidance and direction from HIM.

Chapter 44:

During breakfast, halatang iniiwasan ni Devon si James kasi di na siya bumaba for breakfast. Kinutsaba na lang ni Devon si Ivan to bring her sandwich. For whatever reason at di na rin nagtext si James kay Devon kasi alam niyang naiinis talaga ang dalaga sa kanya.

Ivan: Hey Kiddo, here’s your sandwich.

Devon: Thanks Kuya, please come in. (Yaya ni Devon na papasukin si Ivan sa room nila that she’s sharing with Ann. Wala si Ann that time kasi bumaba for breakfast.)

Ivan: You ok? (Sabay pat sa ulo ni Devon)

Devon: (Taking a deep breath) Hmmmmnnn, I don’t know.

Ivan: Just take it easy ok.

Devon: How is he?

Ivan: I don’t know. He was still asleep when I woke up.

Devon: Oh ok. Thanks for the sandwich Kuya. (Sabay kiss sa cheeks ni Ivan. Sa di kalayuan ay may mga matang nakasaksi pa la sa pangyayari at nagdurugo ang puso.)

Ivan left Devon’s room and went back to the dinning hall to have his breakfast. Nakasalubong nito si Ann sa hallway at niyaya itong samahan siya sa dinning hall. Pinagbigyan din nito si Ivan.

Pagkapananghalian ay nag uumpisa na mag ayos ang lahat para sa kasal ng KimBang. The girls were all at Jenny’s bridal suit having their make-up done. They’re also helping Jenny dress up for the wedding. All of the ladies are wearing white flimsy flowy gowns and so as Jenny.

The men were at Ryan’s room getting reading as well. Photos and videos were taken during the dress-up session.

Ryan: (Saying to the videographer, and acting as if it is his last day and he’ll be procecuted) Oh I want to ter everybody that I Ryan Bang wir be dead today. I wir be kird by Jenny Kim! Oh, but I rob her beri matz that’s why itchuki to be kerd! Oh and Joe, see look at Joe, he’s gay. He’s a happy person! Hahahahaha Chuvachuchu! Chuvachuchu!

Tila kinalimutan muna nina James at Ivan ang sigalot na nangyari nung nagdaan na gabi. They declared a truce and have plans to settle everything once the wedding is over. The 2 men acted as if nothing happend.

Wedding venue.

The coordinators are asking everyone to be in place ready for the processional. The big wig executives of ABS-CBN were there to be the principal sponsors of KimBang. Part of the principal sponsors were the parents of the housemates such as Daddy Malcomn, Mommy Lyn, Fretzie’s Mom, Bret’s Dad and the mom of Patrick.

And the wedding march started. James is walking ahead because he is the bestman and he’s looking so handsome in his white outfit. White long sleeve shirt and white pants na tinupi just like the PBB days.

When their eyes met during the assembly, di pa rin nagkibuan ang magsing-irog. Tingnan lang talaga sila at hintayan kung sino ang unang babawi ng tingin. Di natagalan ni Devon ang pagtitig kay James. Sa loob loob niya, ang gwapo naman ng baby ko. James on the other end couldn’t keep his eyes off Devon. She looked so pretty in her white gown. She looks like a goddess from Mount Olympus. He took a deep deep breath when he saw that again she’s with Ivan. He has to do something. It’s now or never.

Chapter 45:

When James reached the altar, he stood there waiting for Ryan.

Here comes Ryan and he was sent off by his parents. For the sake of his wedding, his parents are in truce. Who could be the wakiest of them all? Ryan Bang’s father who was doing chuvachuchu while walking. When they reached the altar, the 3 of them faced everyone and let out a big CHUVACHUCHU including Ryan’s mom.

Then came the parade of the principal sponsors who are looking so fresh in their white get-up. Mr. M in his jolliest dressed like the boys. Long sleeves and folded pants.

Then came the secondary sponsors. Joevic and Tricia walked first as the candle sponsors then came the veil sponsors’ Bret and Fretzie and lastly Ivan and Devon. Habang naglalakad si Devon and Ivan and looking so happy in each others arms, James was seriously staring at Devon. Later! Later.....

Then came the bridesmaids with the groomsmens. Nagkakagulo lang lahat nung dumating na ang mga flowerladies. They are wearing an outfit like that of a flower girl. They look like a fairy princess with maiksi na skirt complete with wings and flowers na hinahagis hagis pa. They all look so cute and they were highly applauded.

And ang pamatay na mga bearers ang sumunod. Ang outfit ng mga ito ay naka short na coach boys complete with bowtie na pink. Si Joe ang naunang naglakad as the ring bearer then came Yong as the coin bearer at ang Mr. Friendship na si Cahsen. And the maid of honor Ann is the last one to walk before the bride.

At nag change na ang song to the bridal match of Jenny. She was sent off by her parents. Jenny is looking like a princess in her white ball gown. She has a crown in her head and she’s looking so happy while walking. The bride was a happy bride walking and looking ahead, the groom is really fighting back his tears.

Nagyakapan ang dalawa when they reached the altar. Nakasulyapan naman ang kunyaring di nagpapansinan na sina James at Devon.


Boy: You look great.

Ann: You too!

Chapter 46:

Pastor: Ryan and Jenny, you may now say your wedding vows. Ryan you can go first.

Ryan: (Facing the Pastor first). Ah Pastor, I hav to ruk for my cupi first. Oh here it ish. (Looking at the crowd now). I’m nervus! Can I go to the chi-ar first? (Halagpakan sa pagtawa ang mga tao na nandun at nakikinig) Whew, here it goes...

My Jinny, when Kuya asked me befur if you were my type of gur, I tord him your cute but your nose has big entrance (PAK! Pinalo ni Jenny si Ryan ng malakas sa braso) Ouch ouch, we are getting married and you stir hurt me. (Turned to Jenny’s Mom) Mama Kim, ruk your daughter is stil crazi (sabay himas sa kamay nito) I continue now.

I did not ter you right away before that I rike you. Why? Because I am not an ichi guy. (Palakpakan ang lahat ng tao) I tord you before that your face is not number one beautifur but your heart is number one beautifur and I am a gay (guy) but I’m more beautifur than you.

Through the years, ako si number one pogi in the world has admitted to my surf that ITALY. I toootally adole and “ehem” you... (At biglang sabi ng lahat na what?) I toooootallly Adole and Rob You Jenny Kim! Mahal kita... tapos... Mahal na mahal kita... and, mostly, most important.... MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA! (Di na mapigilan ang crowd sa pag palakpak at nagpa-cute si Ryan at nagchuva chuvachuchu.)

Pastor: Jenny, can we hear your vow now?

Jenny: (Taking a deep breath before saying her piece)

Ryan: Ei, you should say it nicely ok? I said mine nice!

Jenny: Be quite. You done with yours already. It’s my turn.

Mr. Ryan Bang, when you said to me that you are the number pogi in the world, I want to go to the CR and puke. (Tawanan ang lahat and Ryan was stunned and made a face to Jenny). You are not my type as well. Yeah the jokes you cracked are funny but sometimes you are really crazy. Most of the time you are crazy.

When we were still in the PBB house, all our crazy time together made me realized that you might be the guy I’m looking for but I just can’t admit it to myself. When I got evicted and later on move to Korea, I thought that it will be the end of our happy moments together. But when you went your way to visit me and lived with my family for a while, that’s when things went back to where it was before.

I know that you can or we can still be crazy at times. I know that you will still insist that you’re number one pogi in the world. I know that you will still say that my nose has a big entrance but Mr. Ryan Bang, I am shouting to world that I love you very much and I will be spending the rest of my life with you. (Everyone in the audience cheered for the two and just as the Pastor was about to pronounce the 2 as man and wife, Jenny told him to stop because she’s still adding something to her vows)

And before I’ll forget, Mr. Ryan Bang, about 7 months from now, you will see your little KimBang.

Nabigla si Ryan at napa jawdropped. Bigla na lang tumulo ang luha nito sa kasiyahan at kahit hindi pa sinabi ng Pastor na hahalikan si Jenny at kinabig nito bigla ang nakasmile na si Jenny. Niyakap nito ang huli ng sobrang higpit pagkatapos with the crowd cheering them.

Ryan: Ohmaygad! This is amajing (said in between sobs) Ohmygad!!!! (Sabay yakap ng mahigpit kay Jenny at binuhat ito at biglang nilapag nung naalalang buntis na pala ito at sabay hawak sa tiyan nito at inilapit ang tenga sa tiyan ni Jenny sabay halik din sa tiyan ng huli).

Pastor: Mr. Bang (sabay kalabit kay Ryan), Mr. Bang, may I continue with the ceremony and pronounce you man and wife?

Ryan: Oh tsuri tsuri! (Balik sa dating pwesto and this time hinawakan na ng mahigpit ang mga kamay ni Jenny)

Pastor: By the power vested on me, I now pronounce you man and wife. Mr. Bang, you may now kiss you bride.

Ryan: I did not brush my teeth today my bride but because you rob me, com’mon give me a kiss (sabay nguso – the Ryan way)

The union of KimBang was finally sealed with a kiss!

Chapter 47:

Boy: Just make sure that I’ll be your first dance later ok?

Ann: 100%


Habang ginagawa ng KimBang wedding vows nila, ang dalawang nilalang na pilit kinukubli ang pasekretong sulyap sa isa’t isa ay biglang nagkatingnan. At huli na para mag-iwasan kaya para mawala ang pagkaka-ilang sa isa’t isa ay isang kindat lang ng lalaki at napabulaghit na ng tawa ang babae. Nagpapacute na din ang lalaki at nilagay ang kamay sa ilalim ng baba at mas kinilig pa ang babae kasi ang ibig sabihin nun ay I love you at bilang tugon ay nilagay ng babae ang dalawang kamay sa magkabilang pisngi to say I love you too.

At natapos na din ang kasal at ang lahat ay hiyawan pagkatapos halikan ni Ryan si Jenny. Tinawag na ang lahat for pictorial at hindi na umayun sa traditional picture taking ang nangyayari but the pose were it’s wackiest at kahit ang mga principal sponsors ay di nagpahuli.

Recessional na at tuloy na sa reception.

The reception is hosted by the 3 noted PBB hosts: Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzales and Mariel Rodriguez.

Toni: Hello Philippines and Hello World. Today we witnessed the union of two people who are products of our show.

Bianca: Good evening everyone. These 2 are the very first PBB housemates in the same season who got married ng bonggang-bongga.

Mariel: Magandang gabi sa lahat. At di lang yan, sino ba ang mag-aakala na ang dalawang ito ay magkikita pa pagkatapos umalis ni babae ng bansa.

Toni: At para maintindihan nyo ng lubusan an gaming sinabi, please direct yourselves on the sreen to witness as we unfold the love story of KimBang!

At ipinakita na ang avp na hinanda ng mga housemates para sa KimBang on their love story. At makikita din sa iilang scenes ng avp ang kasweetan nina Devon at James at di maiiwasang may mga nagcomment na ibang tao on why James is so sweet with Devon and they thought that it’s Ann and James.

Narining ng mga sangkot ang mga bulong bulungan at di na nila pinapansin ito. Ang ginawa ni James ay tumabi kay Devon at inakbayan ito na siyang nagpagulat din kay Ivan.

Nagpatuloy na ang kasiyahan. Bago nangyari yung avp ay kanina pa nangungulit si Cahsen kay Devon na ang ganda daw nito at pwede ba daw maisayaw ito mamaya. Sa tuwina ay lagi na lang sabay sumasagot sina James at Ivan na get lost dito. Si Jack ay dumating din kasama at kasama nito ang asawa na galing HongKong. Nagkamay at nakaliwanagan na ito at si James. Napailing na lang si James nung naalala niya yung nangyaring pagseselos niya dito dati.

Biglang tumunog yung All the Single Ladies song ni Beyonce at isa isa ng tinawag ng tatlong host ang mga single ladies.

Nag-uumpukan na lahat ng single ladies sa likod ni Jenny. And if the KimBang’s wedding is far from traditional but they opted to have the traditional boquet toss. All the participating single ladies are anxious to get the most coveted boquet kasi it was announced that the lady who will get the boquet will win an all expense paid to KimBang’s country... South Korea.

Jenny: Ready for the boquet ladies? (Sabay wagayway ng boquet niya)

Sigawan na ang lahat ng mga participants at naghahanda na sa pagkuha ng boquet. At inihagis na nga Jenny ang boquet at papunta ito sa direction ni Devon at Ann na magkatabi at biglang bumagsak na ito sa mga kamay ni Devon effortlessly na parang sinadyang ibigay talaga sa kanya. At sa kabiglaan ni Devon and her being competitive ay biglan nitong tinago ang boquet sa mga nagbabantang kumuha. And Devon was declared the winner of the single ladies games.

It’s time for the garter toss. Hanep ang pagkuha ni Ryan sa garter ni Jenny. Gamit nito ang ngipin at parang nabaon pa ang ulo sa ilalim ng gown ni Jenny bago makuha ang garter.

Ryan: Ohmaygad! It’s so smelly down there! What is the smell wife? (Pak! Tadtad na naman si Ryan ng palo at kurot kay Jenny) Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Lahat ng single men were asked to gather around for the garter toss. Natural na ang James at Ivan ang nangunguna kasi it’s Devon’s who’s at stake. Ivan would have wanted to let James take the garter but he just want to make sure if he truly deserves her. Si Cahsen na may nabubuong HD (hidden desire) kay Devon at nakisiksikan na din sa harapan. Hinihila ito ni Joe pero nagpupumiglas pa rin.

Ryan: Are you leady my friends?

Sigawan na ng ready ang lahat and Ryan turn his backed and toss the garter. James and Ivan were really trying their best efforts capture the garter. Ivan is taller than James so he got hold of the garter. Pilit pang umagaw ni Cahsen dito pero naiiwas ni Ivan ang garter dito at hinawakan na din ni Joe at Joevic ang Cahsen ng tuluyan.

Cahsen: Why do you have to do that? (Sabay lingon sa dalawang humawak) It was already in my hand. Can’t you see I want to kiss Devon too? Again!

Joe: Man, you’re not included in their story (sabay turo kina James, Devon and Ivan) so back-off. Let’s go find you another date and another girl to kiss.

Biglang kinabahan si Devon nung si Ivan na ang nakakuha ng garter. She does not know how James would react.

Chapter 48:

It’s shown on James face that he’s disappointed and worried but when Ivan got hold of the garter, he handed it to James.

Ivan: Here man, I think you really wanted it to be you. This is my way to end our gentleman’s agreement. You better take care of her or else....

Nagkamay ang dalawa to seal the deal at tuluyan na ding nagyakap. James gave Ivan the tightest hug to tell him how grateful he is to him for conceding and giving him a chance on Devon.

It was now time for the traditional consequence game and James was instructed to put on the garter on how Ryan got it from Jenny. But before James will do the consequence, he asked the host if he can say something.

Bianca handed James the microphone.

James: Good evening everyone. I would like to congratulate 2 of my closest friend Ryan and Jenny. This is such a wonderful occasion and I’m a lucky guy today because standing in front of me is the person I truly love (looking at Devon). Ryan and Jenny, sorry if I have to a get a little of everyone’s attention tonight ok but I just had to do this. (Sabay luhod in front of Devon).

James: Devon, Baby... I know we’ve had too many challenges in our lives and we will still continue to have more but and (looking for his Dad and the parents of Devon) Dad, Tito Sonny and Tita Lyn, today I’m declaring my endless love to Devon. (Looking at Devon again) Baby, will you spend the rest of your life with me? (Sabay labas ng black box na naglalaman ng isang round 2 karat solitaire ring crusted in white gold)

Si Devon sa mga sandaling lumuhod pa lang si James ay kinakabahan na at nung ipinaalam na ni James sa lahat at sa mga parents nila yung intensiyon nito ay nag-uumpisa ng tumulo ang mga luha niya. Tuluyan nang bumalon ang luha niya nung inilabas na ni James ang engagement ring para sa kanya. Di makapagsalita si Devon at di masagot ang tanong ni James kasi umiiyak na lang siya ng umiiyak. Luha ng kaligayahan kung baga. Yng dalawang RM nila ay hawak kamay na sinaksihan ang di nila inaasahang mga pangyayari. Ang BFF ni Devon na si Frietzie ay di na rin mapigilang umiyak.

Hiyawan na ang mga tao na naroon. Lahat ay sumisigaw ng YES! YES! YES! Kasi mapasaoras na iyon ay di pa rin makasagot si Devon.

Devon: YES!

Biglang tumayo si James at yinakap si Devon at mas lumakas pa ang hiyawan ng mga nakasaksi. Pati mga executives ay tumayo at pumalakpak. Maluha luha din si Daddy Malcomn who has treated Devon like her own daughter during the early days after the PBB big night and pati si Daddy Sonny at Mommy Lyn ay bumabaha na din ang mga luha.

Ryan: Hey Dude, you still have to do how I got Jenny’s garter. Com’mon I want to tsee! Faster!

Dahil sa tinuran ni Ryan, mas lalong dumadagungdung ang tawanan.

Chapter 49:

It is the time for KimBang’s first dance. And since si James and Devon are the winning couples, they were asked to dance as well. Di na matatawaran ang kaligayahan na nadarama ng dalawang couples sa mga sandaling iyon.

James and Devon were dancing so close to each other and they only had their eyes on each other.

James: Thanks for accepting my proposal Baby.

Devon: Grabeh ka. You created a scene pa rin.

James: I’m sorry by the way on how I acted yesterday. Maybe I’m so nervous for this day. I have planned this a long time ago.

Devon: Seriously? (Kinikilig) Wow naman!

James: Yes seriously! (And he tighthen his hug). I love you. I have always loved you.

Devon: I love you too. And I have always loved you too.

And they shared a kiss. An intimate and loving kiss. At yun ang nakita ni Ryan at ayaw magpatalo kaya hinalikan din si Jenny – Casablanca style!

Niyaya na ng host ang lahat na makisayaw na sa couple and that signals the start of the party. Ang walang kamatayang theme song ng PBB teen clash na Pyramid kaya kanya kanyang hila na ang mga nandun ng partners nila.

At biglang na palit ang tempo ng sayaw. Naging mas mabagal na ito courtesy of Six Part Invention.

You and me, we got along just fine
But deep inside, I know there is more

Si Ann ay naka-upo sa mesa na tila may hinihintay. Text lang ito ng text. Nakatungo si Ann at busy na nagtetext nang may papalapit sa kanya and asked her to dance.

Right next to you
I know you’re the right one
Can’t help this feeling
I’m taking chances now

Ann: Hi Joevic, I’m sorry. I’m waiting for someone. Later siguro.

Joevic: Ok. But you owe me a dance ok?

Ann: Ok. I promise.

In my heart I feel,
That this is something real
I don’t wanna let this moment go

At balik sa pagtetext si Ann at bigla niyang narinig yung katagang “May I claim your promise that I’d be your first dance tonight? Sabi na nakalahad pa ang mga kamay.

Ngumiti lang si Ann at iniabot din ang kamay niya sa nagyayang kasayaw.

At pumunta na sila sa dance floor at simulang sumayaw.

Why oh why, do I feel this way?
When I’m with you, I feel so alive
Why oh why, will I hide away
 I can’t help it
I’m falling in love with you

Boy: Thanks for this. Are you ok?

Ann: Yeah I’m ok. (Sabi ni Ann na nakangiti) Ang happy nila ano. Honestly, I’m also happy for them.

Boy: Yeah me too.

Never ending nights
When I’m alone with you
A lifetime of dreams coming true

Ann: (Nagdududa pa rin si Ann) Are you sure? Are you really ok about it?

Ivan: Yeah. I knew it was coming. I wouldn’t have not let go of that garter if I was not sure of James’ feeling to Devon. We’ve had our gentleman’s agreement already and that was the culmination of it all.

Nothing comes close,
To what we have we have right now
You’re the only one that matters now

Ann: You’re such a nice friend Ivan. The girl who you’ll end up with will be very lucky.

In my heart I feel
That this is something real
I don’t wanna let this moment go

Ivan: She will be (And said it while looking at her)

Why oh why, do I feel this way?
When I’m with you, I feel so alive
Why oh why, will I hide away
I can’t help it
I’m falling in love with you

What if I fall in love?
What if I make you mine?
I wanna know if you’ll be by my side

Why oh why, do I feel this way?
When I’m with you, I feel so alive
Why oh why, will I hide away
I can’t help it
I’m falling in love with you

Nakikita nina James and Devon na nagsasayaw si Ivan and Ann and James gave Ivan a thumbs up that Ivan reciprocated as well. The bunnies are dancing as well and so as Jack and his wife. Joevic is dancing with Shey while Patrick is dancing with Yen. Cahsen is dancing with one of the dancers of ASAP.

Everyone partied until the wee hours. Even if Jenny is pregnant, she was still there to enjoy it but with precautions and sobrang pag-iingat ng asawa nito. Ryan was joking that purnada daw ang honeymoon nila kasi Jenny is pregnant. Kunyari nag hihimutok ito but would end up hugging and kissing Jenny.

When it was time to retire, hinatid ng mga housemates ang bagong kasal sa kanilang room at bago sila makaalis ay nagkukunyari pa si Ryan na kesyo nirarape na daw siya ni Jenny.

Hinatid ni James si Devon sa room nito at ni Ann at niyakap ng ubod ng higpit at hinalikan ng pagkatamis tamis nito si Devon bago tuluyang umalis.

Pagkaalis ni James ay siya namang pagdating ng dalawang bagong nagkakaintindihan na mga nilalang. They bid each other goodbye and Ivan gave Ann a peck on the cheek bago ito umalis. Nakailang hakbang na ito at biglang mabilis na bumalik and cupped Ann’s face and gave her na isang nakakalilyong halik. Yun ang nasaksihan ni Devon pagkalabas nito sa banyo at bigla itong tumili at kinantiyawan na ang dalawa!

Di na mapigilan si Devon at tinext nito James at sila Joe. At mabilis pa sa alas kwatro ay biglang nagsidatingan ang mga iyun sa room nila at di na matapos tapos ang kantiyawan ng mga ito sa bagong tuklas na relasyon ng VanLi. At duon na ipinatuloy ang kasiyahan. Tinawagan nito ang kwarto ng bagong kasal at si Jenny ang nakasagot at sinabi na di na makakasunod kasi tulog na tulog daw si Ryan at tulo laway pa daw dahil sa pagod.

Chapter 50:

6 months after. ASAP.

James is in the center stage sitting in a high chair and with a microphone in a stand in front of him.

James: Hello everyone. Before I’ll sing, allow me to say something first. This may shocked everyone now and maybe some of you were able to hear blind items about me and Devon and yes we are confirming to everyone that we got married in Australia last month. We know that we owe it to you guys to know about it and even if you haven’t attended our big day, allow us to show you the pictures taken during the wedding as we sing our song to everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Mrs. Devon Reid.

Hiyawan na ang lahat ng mga fans na nandun. Karamihan sa attendees ng particular ASAP show are from JADE/JAEVONERS/GEMS. It was one of the most important occasions of the group and they too were surprised of the revelation. Only the selected officers/elders were informed about what will happend and even the wedding. The group thought that it was just a simple guesting wherein it is also a prelude to a big event that was set to happend in the evening right after the ASAP show. But the Gems that were present in that particular ASAP show got the shocked of their lives.

Lumabas na si Devon looking so radiant and she’s bringing a mic and she’s heading to her husband, James Reid and the music started and seen on the background are their wedding pictures in Australia that happend a month ago. Some of their housemates were there including Ivan and Ann who are also making good music together. Bret and Fretzie recently got engaged when they went on that Australian trip. Too bad Ryan and Jenny can’t make it since Jenny is already in her 8th month when the wedding happend. Some of the Gems were able as shown in the pictures.

Shawty's love is like a pyramid
We stand together till the very end
There'll never be another love for sure
James and Devon let we go.

Stones, heavy like the love you've shown
Solid as the ground we've known
And I just wanna carry on
We took it from the bottom up
And even in a desert storm
Sturdy as a rock we hold
Wishing every moment froze.

James: Now I just wanna let you know
Devon: Earthquakes can't shake us
James: Cyclones can't break us
Devon: Hurricanes can't take away our love.

James and Devon :
Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock
It feels just like it's heaven's touch
Together at the top (at the top baby),
Like a pyramid

And even when the wind is blowing
We'll never fall just keep on going
Forever we will stay, like a pyramid.

Indeed, the lovestory of James and Devon is like their theme song. They’re built on a solid rock. And no earthquake can shake them. No cyclones can break them. More so, that a hurricane can take away their love because their love will forever stay.... like a PYRAMID!

*************** E N D *******************


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